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  • it went down, it went down a lot faster and they fell off a cliff way exercise.

  • And we went through the global financial crash.

  • We expect we thought we had a good playbook, which was shrink up and, like, cut costs and then write it out.

  • But this one, uh, this was a hidden tsunami, right up to late March.

  • I had no dream of closing the restaurants.

  • It happened very fast.

  • And you have to keep thinking, Well, what's happening to lose for X months, you do so on the basis of okay, we'll make it back in one year with make back in two years to lose for X months.

  • And we don't know what the future is.

  • So much unknown.

  • I was 40 years old, Could be a different process.

  • And 62 Do I want to have this dress south kept asking us What do we do?

  • What we do.

  • And I said, OK, number one please be assured that day I have no money to pay you.

  • I will make sure that, uh, you know it that you will get your last pay you get you noticed you can believe.

  • Please work.

  • I can't promise you anything other than this that I can pay you to.

  • The last e had so many messages from people that Oh, you know, I used to come there as a teenager.

  • I used to come out of school.

  • There's a bunch of girls who did a little, uh, photo tribute to us that made me cry when I saw it, and it was very difficult, so I didn't expect that much support.

  • A lot of people had really happy memories with us, which is great, because that's what we hear.

it went down, it went down a lot faster and they fell off a cliff way exercise.

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A2 tsunami pay hidden global financial expect playbook

'Coronavirus hit our business like a hidden tsunami' - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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