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  • I.

  • Lindsay Robert Siegen being the acting returning officer at the election of a member of parliament for the Islington North constituency, held on Thursday, the 12th of December 2000 and 19 to hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each candidate at the said election is as follows.

  • Nicholas Charles Ellsworth D Elves known as Nick the Incredible Flying Brick, the Official.

  • The Official monster Raving Loony party 236.

  • James Clark, Conservative and Unionist Party 5483.

  • Jeremy Bernard Corbyn, Labour Party.

  • 34,603.

  • Yosef Haim, David Brexit, party.

  • 742.

  • Caroline Russell, Green Party, 4326.

  • Nicholas Richard, Way Cling, known as Nick Weakling, Liberal Democrats, 8415 The total number of ballots rejected.

  • ISAS follows Want Oven official Mark zero.

  • Voting for more candidates than a voter is entitled 37 right, so there we have the results from Islington North and a thumping win.

  • Therefore Jeremy Corbyn, 34,603 a majority of 26,000 a turnout of 72% We'll just stay with these images because I'm sure that Mr Corbyn will have something to say.

  • You're thank all the returning officers and the police and all the others who have help the count.

  • But we are course waiting to see what he says about the result about Labour's performance under his leadership at this general election.

  • So let's join Mr Corbyn now.

  • Thank you.

  • Could I start by saying a huge thank you to the returning officer and all the staff in the police that have insured a fair and democratic election has taken place today?

  • Andi, also to congratulate and thank my fellow candidates for their participation in this election and also very heartfelt thanks to the people of is into north for electing me again for the 10th time to represent is into north in parliament.

  • I'm very, very proud to do so on I've learned so much from the people are visiting to North and it's my pride in my pleasure to continue to be their representative in parliament.

  • I also want to thank Ruth Hayes, our agent for this election.

  • On all off the wonderful friends, comrades and supporters in is into north Labour party for the huge effort they put in in this election campaign on, they put in all the time to carry a message of hope and justice all over our constituency and through May.

  • I hope to a wider world.

  • The pressure on those surrounding politicians is often very, very high.

  • Indeed.

  • The media intrusion on people's lives is very high indeed.

  • Onda the attacks that take place against family and loved ones of politicians continue on their disgraceful and frankly, they are disgusting.

  • I want to take this opportunity to thank my family, my close friends and those that have been close buying and been very supportive during this and every other election campaign.

  • I want to thank my three sons for the huge support they give May and thank my wife Laura Alvarez, for all that she puts up with because of the way in which the media behaved towards me towards her, on indeed, towards my party during this election campaign.

  • On this, This is obviously a very disappointing night for the Labour Party with the result that we've got.

  • But I want to say this in the election campaign, we put forward a manifesto off hope a manifesto off unity on a manifesto that would help to right the wrongs and the injustices and inequalities that exist in this country for those who need housing, those who need on effective health service that will deliver for them and those Children that need a school that is properly funded on there not being taught in oversized classes.

  • Onda, a manifesto that gave hope in dealing with the environmental crisis the world faces by investing for the future through a green industrial revolution.

  • All of those policies were extremely popular during the election campaign and remain policies that have huge popular support.

  • All across this country, however, Brexit has so polarized on divided debate is in this country it is overridden so much off a normal political debate.

  • Andi, I recognize that has contributed to the results that the Labour Party has received this evening.

  • All across this country, the issues of social justice and the issues of needs of people will not go away just because Brexit is dealt with in the way in which Boris Johnson presumably plans to deal with it.

  • In the moment, all those issues will come back center stage in the debate on the fundamental labor message about justice and equality within our society is going to be one that is there for all time because it's the very core of what my party believes in.

  • On what I will always advocate on behalf of my constituency Onda.

  • On behalf of my party, I want to also make it clear that I will not lead the party in any future general election campaign.

  • I will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now off reflection on this result.

  • Andi, on the policies that the party will take going forward and I will lead the party during that period to ensure that discussion takes place on we move on into the future because I'm very proud off the trust that are half 1,000,000 members put in May to lead this party.

  • I'm very proud of the way that we fought this election campaign.

  • We did not descend into the gutter.

  • We did not undertake personal abuse.

  • We undertook the task of getting a message off hope on justice to every part off this country.

  • I'm very grateful to the Labour Party listening to north of being very tolerant of the fact that I didn't spend as much time in this election campaign in Islington as obviously I would want to do because I've been traveling around the whole country to ensure that labour message is put there.

  • But I want to say this.

  • I will remain the MP freezing to north.

  • And I'm proud to represent the people of Islington north on I'm proud in Parliament and outside that we will forever continue that cause for socialism, for social justice, on for society, based on the needs of all, rather than the greed off a few.

  • That is what makes our party what it is.

  • And I'm very proud off the achievements off our party in the development of its manifesto on its ideas.

  • I tell you what those ideas on those principles are eternal on.

  • There will be there for all time.

  • I thank the people of is into north once again for putting their faith and trust.

  • In May, I will work as I always have to represent and defend the people of my constituency because they're very special.

  • Andi, I owe them so much and they have all taught me so much.

  • Thank you very much.


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