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  • This might look like an ordinary Bangladeshi village, but it's actually one of the biggest brothels in the world.

  • Around 1000 Children live in the brothel.

  • Sex work is legal here over the age of 18 but we found girls as young as seven being groomed into this life.

  • Others say they were traffic to you.

  • Yes, it's still with us tonight.

  • No, AKI is a counselor working for a local charity.

  • She goes around the brothel trying to help sex workers and give them a bit of support.

  • So Iraqis just arrives.

  • Come and speak to someone and give them some counseling.

  • But you can't go in yet.

  • He's just gotta wait just inside the door because the woman currently has customer with this sex worker was born in the brothel.

  • Her first client was around 15 years ago, when she would have been 11.

  • What is it like living here?

  • But is there any way of you moving out and getting away?

  • I e May I have a The charity Save the Children has set up a school for 5 to 6 year olds nearby, some of the peoples from the brothel.

  • There's also evening classes for up to 12 years old, but when it closes, everyone is picked up.

  • We've come just a few 100 meters down the railway line from the brothel.

  • Schoolchildren have said that they don't like toe walk through here and nights when they're going home.

  • There have been a few murders around here in the past few months.

  • An area they say is extremely dangerous.

  • We've come to a safe home where around 20 girls being looked after their ages range from 7 to 17.

  • A lot of the girls don't want to show their faces.

  • Even the teachers don't want to show their faces because there is this real stigma still attached to that area.

  • If you come from that area, if you're born from that area, which most of these girls are, you won't be able to get a job.

  • You won't be married.

  • But one of the main rules in this safe home is that these girls are never allowed to go back to the brothel.

  • This woman moved to the safe home when she was nine.

  • She's got an education and works here now.

  • But when she left the brothel, she had to leave her friend behind number till okay, continuously for scored the hotel and I'm like a talking ticket Safe May attorney.

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  • There's a monthly fee for each girl charity out of a some of it, but their mothers must pay the rest on.

This might look like an ordinary Bangladeshi village, but it's actually one of the biggest brothels in the world.

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Inside one of the world's largest licensed brothels - BBC News

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