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  • the number of people known to have died with Corona virus in hospital past 20,000 today, a somber milestone.

  • It means Britain has become the fifth country in the world to register that number of deaths from the illness.

  • In the last 24 hours, 813 people are reported to have died, mostly in hospitals across the UK It brings the total UK death toll to 20,319 people.

  • But that figure doesn't include deaths in care homes, all the community in England, on Northern Ireland.

  • At the daily government press conference, the home secretary, Pretty Patel, described the deaths as tragic but admitted the country isn't out of the woods yet.

  • In its fight against Corona virus, Here's our health correspondent Lauren Moss.

  • It is a devastating milestone no one wanted to reach.

  • In less than two months, more than 20,000 people have died with covert 19 these air deaths recorded mainly in UK hospitals.

  • The number of those who have lost their lives in the community, including care homes, isn't fully known but is likely to increase as the deaths caused by this terrible virus pass another tragic and terrible might milestone.

  • The entire nation is grieving.

  • My deepest sympathies and condolences go to those who have lost loved ones, and I would like to pay tribute to the selfless frontline workers who have been struck down by this virus on the 28th of March.

  • Professor Paris, you said we will have done very well if fewer than 20,000 people died during this epidemic, and we have sadly passed that number.

  • Now.

  • Does this mean the strategy should have being different?

  • This, unfortunately, is not going to be something that we will get over in the next few weeks.

  • This is something that we are going to continue to have to work our way through over the months ahead.

  • As I've said before, this is not a sprint.

  • This will be a marathon in dealing with this virus test track and trace our key strategies to tackle the virus.

  • The drive to check key workers with symptoms continue today, and there's a big demand within a couple of hours of the government's booking website.

  • Opening slots have been quickly snapped up once again.

  • When we looked this morning, home test kits were gone after 15 minutes and drive through sites were only available in Scotland off the 10 a.m. More tests will be available tomorrow.

  • The cough that isn't us, but as it wasa at one point, I was coffee, not nearly all the time.

  • Mandy works in a supermarket in Darby.

  • She's being on well, since Monday.

  • She has got an appointment, but even though she lives near some test centres, she's been allocated 1 20 miles away in Nottingham and can't get there.

  • I just don't understand why when I know that there are intestines is closer to me.

  • Why they're not on the list of options for me to go to.

  • More than 28,000 tests were done in the last 24 hours.

  • The governments committed to carrying out 100,000 today.

  • By Thursday next week will be our fifth in lock down, and there's no prospect of measures being relaxed.

  • We know that people are frustrated, but we are not out of danger.

  • Yet.

  • It is imperative that people continue to follow the rules designed to protect their families, their friends of their loved ones.

  • The UK will continue to find a way through this pandemic as a nation mourning those.

  • It's lost and Lauren joins me now along.

  • These are deeply sad personal tragedies for many families across the UK, But can you put that number into context for us with first person to die with?

  • Covert 19 in the UK was on the fifth of March.

  • Then 3000 people around the world had died.

  • Now we've passed more than 20,000 deaths here internationally.

  • 200,000.

  • This is a very real and harrowing insight into just how quickly this virus spreads and also shows why lock down measures and social distancing measures are so important.

  • One of the grafts we were shown at the press conference earlier demonstrates how it's working.

  • There are 16 and 1/2 1000 people being treated in hospital for the virus.

  • And as you can see overall in London, the Midlands and Scotland new admissions are declining there, steady.

  • In Wales, there has been a slightly slower climb up in Northern Ireland, although this data isn't compiled daily, so it's not directly comparable with the others.

  • But the health service hasn't bean overwhelmed and in fact, aside from covert 19 there are concerns that fewer people are seeking medical help for other illnesses.

  • Conditions like heart conditions and stroke or pregnant women and sick Children and a any attendances.

  • Actually, we're down by about a 1,000,000 this month compared to this time last year, and this could be because people don't want to be a burden on the NHS.

  • But the NHS is urging and reminding anyone who may need to see a doctor to do so.

  • Because, of course, although the Corona virus is a huge challenge, other illnesses do very much still exist, and it's important that they don't go unchecked and become for gotten your most thank you very much.

  • Indeed, in the last few minutes, it's been announced that the prime minister will return to work on Monday after falling ill with Corona virus.

  • It'll be exactly three weeks after Boris Johnson was moved into intensive care following his admission in hospital in London.

  • Well, our political correspondent in Watson is at Westminster for so in.

  • Is Boris Johnson fully recovered?

  • Well, Tina Downing Street are emphasizing the prime minister has been following medical advice throughout this crisis since he was first diagnosed about a month ago on what is interesting is that although you're supposed to be recuperating at his country retreat of checkers in truth, has been spending most of the past week preparing for his return to work in Downing Street.

  • Not just those calls with President Trump and with the queen, but also daily video conferencing with his team and, significantly, a three hour summit with some of the senior members of the Cabinet, including defacto deputy Dominic Grab on, crucially chancellor as well.

  • But when he sets Fit and Downing Street, he will face that whole series of challenges because of our mutterings from some of his own MPs about the lock down and the effect it's having on the economy.

  • The former chancellor, Philip Harmon, suggested that perhaps indeed, the economy could become the greatest victim of this virus is also going to be receiving a letter from the opposition leader from the labour leader Secure Starmer is calling for greater clarity on how we will exit the lock down in due course that I think when the prime minister does make some announcements, unless I'm talking were like this simply to see modifications to the current measures, he's very keen to avoid a second wave of this virus and interestingly, at that checkers summit I was mentioning, partly quartered.

  • The Roman philosopher Cicero.

  • I mean, he would really in English at the phrase used is that the health of the people should be the supreme law, and I think that gives us a big clue about where Boris Johnson stands on this lock down debate and thank you and Watson at Westminster for us.

the number of people known to have died with Corona virus in hospital past 20,000 today, a somber milestone.

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