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  • there's global deaths from Corona virus past half a 1,000,000.

  • A leading scientist advising number 10 says the U.

  • K is on a knife edge in the pandemic, and he expects a rise in cases in the coming weeks.

  • Professor Sir Jeremy Farrell, who's a member of the Government Sage Advisory Committee, also told the BBC he expects a second wave of infections in the winter.

  • The number of people recorded to have died with Corona virus in the U.

  • K rose by 36 in the last 24 hours.

  • On That takes the total number of deaths the 43,550 It comes as the home secretary, Pretty Patel, says the government is considering imposing a localized locked down in Leicester after a surge of Corona virus cases in the city are health correspondent Catherine Burns has the very latest great to have you back.

  • For now, at least, it almost looks like normal.

  • But about 1/4 of all of the Corona virus cases Lester has seen have happened in the 1st 2 weeks of this month.

  • So just as this city is opening up, there are reports about it locking back down again in some way.

  • People are heading home after a busy weekend in the shops, but there are real questions to be asked about what Leicester is going to look like next weekend.

  • So we know that the City Council is working with public health officials going through data on the new cases, asking, Are they some kind of cluster?

  • And if so, is it time to bring in new restrictions?

  • The local authority and health officials are meeting tomorrow morning.

  • On the top priority will be to map out exactly where the new cases are happening in the city.

  • We need the data, we and you.

  • I need to know what is happening on the ground in Leicester, and it's unhelpful ridges to talk about outbreaks.

  • Ortio to suggest that there needs to be a citywide locked down.

  • We need to know what the real situation is on the ground here in our city at the number Dave.

  • Right, So we're gonna do a lot for less than I mean what's gonna mean?

  • What about people that commute stuff?

  • What about people who work outside of living less than what's gonna happen to people like that is my dad's birthday next weekend on, We fully plan to see in, you know, obviously not seen him for months and months on the fact that just for once it is just our look, isn't it?

  • I would be gutted to be completely honest with you.

  • You know, people are looking forward to starting Teoh getting their lives back to normal.

  • We need to go help.

  • But if we have to be left alone and all this as across the UK, pubs and bars will open up over the next few weeks.

  • Main advice for people is to stick to social distancing, stay at home where possible and to wash their hands regularly.

  • Officials in Leicester say the new cases could be partly explained by more testing on that there's been no increase in hospital admissions or deaths.

  • But as locked down eases, we still have no vaccine or cure for Corona virus and so a warning not to be complacent.

  • We're on a knife edge.

  • It's very precarious situation in that particular England at the moment and I we don't display.

  • We would see an increase in in new cases over the coming weeks.

  • Next three months are absolutely critical, the numbers are lower, but the virus hasn't changed.

  • And come the winter come the reopening of schools, which is absolutely critical we can anticipate to see rebounds and second waves lock down is a blunt tool, easy to start but infinitely harder to come out off.

  • We can possibly expect more local outbreaks on DSO more difficult decisions in places across the country in the months ahead.

  • Catherine Burns, BBC News What I hope that it's a Hugh Pym is with me.

  • How worried is the government over places like Lester Workload?

  • There is concern.

  • High levels of the Department of Health and Public Health, England, about what they're seeing in Leicester just in the last few days.

  • More cases than they'd expect on Mawr than what was reported 10 days or so ago, when there was a large number of cases in the Leicester area.

  • Now it's not entirely clear whether this is just localized or not.

  • It seems it probably is.

  • It could possibly be linked to the food processing industry.

  • We've seen links between virus outbreaks on factories in other areas off the country.

  • Certainly local politicians and officials want to know what this data is and they've got this meeting tomorrow with public health experts to discuss it.

  • So we're talking, I think, localized outbreaks here.

  • So what sort of measures are going to be considered?

  • Well, no decisions yet, I'm told, Unlikely to be some widespread locked down.

  • It could well be very localized.

  • Targeted initiatives like closing shops in certain areas, possibly schools, cafes.

  • It could be a public information campaign just focused on Lester's particular issues.

  • Now the point being made is this data was picked up by the test and trace system, which is being rolled out nationally across England.

  • That's what it is, therefore, to spot these localized outbreaks so action can be taken.

  • But certainly there's a challenge here on Sir Jeremy Farah of welcome trust.

  • We heard just a minute or so ago saying we're living on a knife edge here.

  • This virus is very much still circulating.

  • Okay, Many thanks.

  • You, Hugh Pym, Our health at it.

there's global deaths from Corona virus past half a 1,000,000.

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Leicester faces new lockdown as top scientist warns UK “is on a knife edge” - BBC News

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