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  • We, of course, condemned the attack on Iraqi military bases hosting coalition forces.

  • Iran should not repeat these reckless and dangerous attacks.

  • But since pursue urgent de escalation, Mr.

  • Speaker, I know that the thoughts of the house are also with our friends in Australia as they tackle the bushfires as they are with the families of those killed in the Ukrainian air crash.

  • Mr.

  • Speaker, This morning I had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others.

  • In addition to my duties in this house, I should have further such meetings later today.

  • Mr.

  • Speaker, Motor neuron disease is a terrible terminal illness with 1/3 of people dying within a year on more than half within two years of diagnosis.

  • The last thing terminally ill people and their families should be worrying about are their finances.

  • The scrap six months campaign by the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which is based in my constituency of Northampton South, has managed to bring the important issue of payments to those with terminal illnesses to the fore.

  • And I welcome that part of the work and pensions review of the Special Rules for Terminal Illness announced last July.

  • But can I ask the prime minister to join me in pressing the DWP to complete its review and to scrap six months.

  • Well, Mr Speaker, I like to pay tribute to my honorable friend and the work he's doing for those suffering from from motor neurone disease, which is indeed a a terrible illness.

  • Andi, we're doing everything we can to ensure that the welfare system works for sufferers of that illness.

  • And that's why the doctor working pensions is is indeed looking at how they can change the way we help people nearing the end of their life with the most severe conditions, including motor neurone disease.

  • And I'm sure that my right in front section state for DWP will be only too happy to meet my old friend.

  • Early meeting is at his convenience leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Thank you, Mr Speaker.

  • I would like to start by paying tribute to Andrew Miller, the former member for Ellesmere Port in Eston, who said they died on Christmas Eve.

  • He said they lost in to this house.

  • He spent over 20 years here, was an expert on science and technology, made an enormous contribution.

  • This house, our thoughts are with his family and his friends and he's deeply lost more one on this on this side of the house for the great contribution that he made.

  • I also enjoying the prime minister in sending sympathies and support The friends in Australia, where the fires have claimed over 20 people along with the loss of human life for hundreds of millions of animals have also been destroyed as a result of this.

  • This is a warning of what global warming does to all of us, and we've got to take this very, very seriously.

  • The threat of climate change on I joined the prime minister also in thoughts going to the friends and family of those who died savvy in the Ukrainian plane that crashed in Tehran last night.

  • Mr.

  • Speaker, the following last night's attack on the United States bases in Iraq can the prime minister confirm that he opposes any further retaliation or escalation in violence in a situation where the region is in riel risk of going into a full scale war?

  • Well, Mr Speaker, of course, I can confirm that Aiken point out to the general of the United Kingdom's working solidly since the crisis began to bring together in particular, our European allies, in their response in the House, would have vented the E three declaration that was issued by France, Germany and the United Kingdom, in which we drew particular attention to the baleful role played in the region for a very long time by Kasam Soleimani.

  • And that was a collective European view.

  • But of you that doesn't yet appear to be shared by the right honorable gentleman.

  • I've been interested in his commentary that he hasn't yet raised that matter.

  • Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Think you're following the government's support to the United States over the assassination off General Soleimani is the prime minister confidence that United Kingdom troops and civilians are not at further risk in the region and beyond to speak of I can, of course, confirming it's an important question that the assault as we, Comptel and the there were no casualties last night sustained by the U.

  • S.

  • And no British personnel were injured in the in the attacks on.

  • But we are doing everything we can, of course, to protect UK interests in the region.

  • With HNS Defender H.

  • Miss Montrose operating in an heart state of readiness to protect shipping in the Gulf and as the house her yesterday from my right arm or friends section state for defense.

  • We've relocated nonessential personnel from Baghdad to Tagi Onda.

  • We will do everything that we can to prevent an escalation.

  • Jermichael government has said that its sympathetic to the assassination of General Schiller Mani What evidence has the prime minister got to suggest that this attack on him on his death was not an illegal act by the United States?

  • Well, Mr Speaker, clearly the strict issue of legality is not for the UK to determine since it was not our operation.

  • But I think that most reasonable people would accept that the United States has a right to protect it's bases personnel on.

  • I would remind the house that the individual concerned Kasam Soleimani was not Eneas was not any responsible for many years, amongst other things, arming the Houthis with missiles with which they attacked innocent civilians arming Hizbollah with missile which again they used to attack in a city.

  • Civilians sustaining the Assad regime in Syria, one of the most brutal and barbaric regimes in the world.

  • And of course, supplying improvised explosive devices to terrorists who are I'm afraid, killed and maimed British troops.

  • That man had the blood of British troops on his hands.

  • Mr.

  • Speaker, if we stand by international law, as I'm sure the government does on, would want to, then surely killing somebody in a foreign territory is an illegal act and should be condemned as such.

  • If we believe in international law, that should be the solution to the problems in the world on as a permanent and as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council can as a permanent member off the U.

  • N.

  • Security Council.

  • Could the government say what representation have been made to ensure that the Iranian officials that want to attend the Security Council in order to try to bring about a resolution to the very dangerous situation in the region, will be allowed to attend and in the event of the U.

  • S.

  • Administration blocking them?

  • What representation will he personally make to President Trump to make sure the U.

  • N can operate in the way that it should on must be able to operate?

  • I think the right honorable gentleman is probably well aware that thing The United States has a duty under international law to allow people to visit the U.

  • N.

  • And that is indeed the position that the UK supports.

  • Jermichael Iraqi parliament passed a resolution calling for foreign troops to leave their country.

  • Can the prime minister confirm that the British government will respect any decision made by a sovereign parliament in government in Iraq that may make such a request in the future on Will respect on will respect the sovereignty off Iraq as a nation.

  • Well, Mr Speaker, I I expect a zoo high school.

  • Imagine.

  • I've spoken extensively to our friends around the world, including our friends in Baghdad.

  • On promise I don't Moeti, who of course, is like many people in Iraq, has come to rely and depend on the support of coalition forces.

  • No leads from the UK And as he will know, there is a very significant NATO mission in Iraq at the moment, helping in the fight against Didache.

  • And I think it is.

  • It is my wish which of this government I think you should be the wish of this house, that we should do everything that we can to support the security on the integrity of people.

  • My question wasif the government respect the sovereignty of Iraq.

  • Its parliament on its government on the prime minister did not answer that question.

  • Theo United States actions have undoubtedly escalated the risk of a dangerous conflict on in an already destabilized region, putting civilians, UK troops and nationals at risk on leaving the Iran nuclear deal in danger of being dead in the water.

  • This government's response is not putting the interests of this country first, but instead seems more interested in prioritizing the prime minister's relationship with President Trump over the security off the region and off this country isn't the truth isn't the truth, Mr Speaker, that this prime minister is unable to stand up to President Trump because he's hitched his wagon to a trade deal with the United States on that prioritizes everything else that he ought to be considering?

  • Well, let's speak ill is kind of waiting for the little Green men thing to come out of the trade deal.

  • This is absolute fiction, but what I will say is that the UK will continue to work for de escalation in the region.

  • I think we having a great deal of success in bringing together a European response on in bridging that the European response without, of course, of our American friends on working both with the Iranians and with the Iraqis to dial this thing done.

  • But he should be an absolutely no doubt on that.

  • This is of course, the leader of the opposition who famously received £10,000 from Iranian press TV should be an absolutely no doubt that we are determined to guarantee with over everything that we can the safety and security of the people of Iraq where where is he, of course, would disband NATO.

  • And it is this government that will continue to stick up stick up for the people across the Middle East who have suffered, who has suffered at the hands of Qasem Soleimani and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard sports that he has read on whose terrorism he's promoted.

We, of course, condemned the attack on Iraqi military bases hosting coalition forces.

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