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  • Once you've been told that someone is dead, my job is to go.

  • Didn't confirm that death checking for life signs listening to their chest normal.

  • After that, you know, you might spend another 30 seconds just in there, I suppose maybe saying goodbye to them in the sort of weirdest way, like, you know, just acknowledging they've gone.

  • And then you pull this sheet over their head.

  • It seems so incredible that, you know what you're seeing is the combination of someone's whole life.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • The only things that unify us is that we are all born on.

  • We will all die.

  • That is not abnormal.

  • It is perfectly normal.

  • The best deaths, I guess, of those that are comfortable, peaceful.

  • Even if someone is unconscious or confused, they may recognize the tone of voice, perfume, the touch of a hand.

  • She quietly drag him his favorite poem just at the moment when he died, his wife and his ex wife spent the night sat in the hospital room drinking about on a line with him just seemed happy.

  • Way to go.

  • This afternoon, the Foreign Secretary said the lock down across the UK will remain in place for now, Hey said deaths is still rising and we haven't yet reached the peak of the virus.

  • The government chiefs, particularly in this area, that hospitals are full with created patients on the colleague described to me, having seen someone in the morning who walked to the door who had died by the afternoon, I would get cool to look at, you know, one or two deaths, whereas now it seems like there's often 10 people dying each night in the hospital.

  • I've had to look after a few patients they were actively dying on.

  • They couldn't see the faces of anyone who was looking after them, including me.

  • You still trying to smile with your eyes?

  • You try and I show them some emotion.

  • It's a human side.

  • Make them feel like they're not alone.

  • Libyan.

  • There was one Jamaican gentleman.

  • We made the concession of allowing his elderly wife to come in and see him as he was dying.

  • She had to wear a mask to wear in a print yet to wear gloves to see and touch your husband.

  • At the end of his life, I got cool to see a patient in the middle of the night.

  • He was very unwell.

  • As I came in, his mobile phone was ringing before really doing anything else on that we've got moved onto focusing on his medical care and trying to optimize his oxygen.

  • He passed away before the morning right afterwards, whether or not there's anything I could have done to make sure he could have spoken to his wife, we've now had toe make a blanket with family members not being able to come into the intensive care department, people aren't even able to come into the mortuary to be there with with the body of their loved one because of infection control reasons.

  • And I think it's gonna be a huge amount of kind of emotional trauma like that that comes out of the back of Cove it because because people haven't been able to process that the deaths of their loved one, some of the stocks are struggling, coming in and finding that their list of 10 15 patients there's only two alive.

  • For example, after you literally one night, there's a real issue in powdered medicine with emotional burnout, but we're doing what we can to give people as comfortable and as normal death as possible.

  • But, you know, this is a completely abnormal situation, and we're learning as we're going along.

  • I do think in the UK were quite resistant to talking about death.

  • Potentially something that that this waffle pandemic would do is is making people kind of much more aware of their own mortality and making it much more acceptable to be talking about when we are scared.

  • The first instinct is to turn your face away to what is staring you.

  • And I think it's not a time to be doing that.

  • I think it is a time Teoh Connect, confess and just be clear about what what's important is to will end and we will come through this and we may have changed.

Once you've been told that someone is dead, my job is to go.

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How has coronavirus changed how doctors deal with death? - BBC News

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