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  • different countries give different advice when it comes to mosques.

  • Some even wanted to make your own.

  • But what does the science say?

  • Mask on?

  • Mask off with the World Health Organization, which is made up of thousands of doctors, public health specialists and scientists from around the world Looks at all the evidence on this subject regularly.

  • It says Healthy people do not need to wear a face mask when they go about their daily business.

  • Why not?

  • It says in this situation, there's no evidence to show that mass stop you from getting Corona virus.

  • Mosque themselves can actually become contaminated, and in fact, you, for instance, if you touch something and in touch your mask or even your face.

  • Also, masks give a false sense of security so you may feel better protected than you actually are.

  • And they say masks may make you less likely to wash your hands or practice social distancing.

  • And if too many people are buying masks, there aren't going to be enough for those who really need them.

  • So you should wear a mask, enter their health and care.

  • Workers of the world masks like thes should be prioritised for them.

  • so they can safely look after sick people.

  • According to the WH.

  • You should also wear a mask if you're at home with Corona virus symptoms or looking after someone who is ill home while you're in the same room as them.

  • But you should make sure you wear them properly and dispose of them safely.

  • Does everyone agree with the Wh oh well, no.

  • Slovakia and the Czech Republic, for example, have made it illegal to leave your home without a mask.

  • In other countries, wearing masks all the time is just the done thing.

  • This is not really to do with you protecting yourself but protecting others from you.

  • This idea is supported by some scientists, but it's not supported by the W H O.

  • Nor is it backed by the British government.

  • Can I make my own mask well in America, where there's been a shortage of medical masks, people are making their own out of old clothes.

  • But the W.

  • H.

  • O says it doesn't know where the homemade masks work or not.

  • There's not enough evidence to make a decision, but it's something it's still looking into.

  • So what's the best way to stop yourself?

  • from catching Corona virus.

  • When you leave your house, it's still all about that hand washing on practising social distancing.

different countries give different advice when it comes to mosques.

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Coronavirus: Should I wear a mask to stop the virus? - BBC News

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