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  • We always said we wanted an election.

  • We do want to elections, but we wanted no deal to be taken off the table.

  • We've now had confirmation from all 28 EU member states that no deal is off the table.

  • So we're gonna go out there with the biggest campaign this party has ever mounted.

  • Totally united.

  • Totally determined.

  • Absolutely looking forward to going every part of this country with my wonderful shadow Cabinet team here on all the fantastic labor activists to give a message off hope.

  • Whether isn't one with this government, Are there gonna be any further caveats?

  • Are you going to say you only agreed to this election of 16 year olds comports?

  • Or if you need funder reassurance, we go, There'll be a parliamentary processes afternoon.

  • We're going out there to fight an election campaign and I can't wait to get out there on the streets, in every town and village in this country.

  • Labour will be there giving a message off Rheal Hope, where this government offers nothing.

  • Some of your own MP, someone there in the shadow cabinet.

  • Some of your own MP said severe doubts about going for the election.

  • No effectively playing into Boris Johnson's hands of something to say.

  • And do you think the vast bulk of them will get behind on early general election?

  • Do you know what the Labour Party loves the debate?

  • But they also love the end of the debate on this is the end of the debate.

  • We're going out there to win stage two votes in the shot of the shadow cabinet.

  • Took the United Thank you very much.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Guys.

  • We're now gonna be out on the streets for about six weeks.

  • It's gonna be fun.

  • And I've just had a weather forecast.

  • It's gonna be good weather.

We always said we wanted an election.

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Corbyn: We are ready for an election - BBC News

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