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  • tonight.

  • Beijing is reimposing restrictions in many parts of the city in response to a new cluster off covert cases.

  • As other countries emerged from months of lock down the new outbreak, there is a reminder of how difficult the road to recovery could be, and questions are still being asked about China's early handling off the outbreak.

  • The first case of Covert 19 was in the city of Wuhan, probably at the beginning off December last year.

  • In total, there were nearly 4000 deaths and over 50,000 infections on our China.

  • Correspondent John said with has just returned from a visit to Wuhan, he said.

  • This report for two months time stood still in this city.

  • Has it endured one of the world's harshest lockdowns?

  • Now it seems a distant memory interrupted lives have resumed again.

  • But beneath the appearance of normality, the authorities are on edge people.

  • We arranged to meet our followed by plain clothes.

  • Police who block our car white white were stopped from filming a human female allotted up knotted up.

  • We can't leave.

  • And at this apartment block, a group of officials keeps a careful eye on us.

  • We've been detained during the lock down.

  • Anger erupted here over how it was managed, with a national vice minister heckled on an official visit.

  • It's all fake!

  • They shout.

  • Maybe it was a sign of how the crisis shook the foundations of a system one now firmly back in control.

  • No interviews, she's told.

  • People may say something they don't mean, this, official says, explaining his concern about our filming.

  • In January.

  • Wuhan's health service was the first to experience the onslaught, but despite evidence the disease was spreading, the public was given little warning.

  • Doctors were silenced by the police, and one of them, Liwen Liang, later died.

  • But a small shrine on offering is made to a dead brother.

  • Mas Wong, who doesn't want to use her full name, has been told by the police not to talk to the foreign media but has chosen to ignore that warning.

  • 44 year old Wong Fei died in early February in the same hospital as Dr Lee Wen liang.

  • They should have warned the public in time, his sister tells me.

  • If they hadn't covered it up, my brother might be alive now.

  • Anyone asking similar questions to publicly is quickly silenced got to love for China.

  • There is now only one narrative that matters in Wuhan.

  • The undoubted success in eventually bringing the virus under control.

  • China is determined that this place will not be remembered for a cover up that put global health at risk, but rather as the cornerstone of a great national victory, one that demonstrates not the weaknesses of tight political control but its strengths in Wuhan's night market, businesses still slow but by the crayfish stalls.

  • There's only patriotism and praise.

  • Chinese people united to control the epidemic, this man tells me.

  • But you foreigners don't know how to protect yourselves.

  • Yeah, it's gonna stop it.

  • Here's another difference outside one of the hospitals and nurse we've just interviewed is intercepted by the police and questioned putting a regular.

  • Of course, if it brings you trouble, we won't use your interview.

  • She calls, is later and asks us to delete the interview.

  • It is harder to fight a virus in the face of public criticism and democratic debate, but without them, might China miss the signs of the next public health crisis, too.

  • On tomorrow night's program, most scientists think the virus came from bats via an animal in a market than to humans, but will also visit the labs from which the US claims the virus was leaked, John said Worth BBC News.


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Beijing back in lockdown as city faces new surge of coronavirus cases - BBC News

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