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  • in Karachi's hospital's intensive care units for Corona virus patients are under pressure.

  • There are only a handful of dedicated I see you bed's still free In a city of 15 million people, they're racing to build new facilities.

  • But local officials on doctors have been frustrated by the central government's decision to lift nearly all locked down restrictions.

  • Services we haven't way have not been able to many other cases, and we haven't diverting our cases to other hospitals.

  • It is very for all of health care workers.

  • These were shoppers in the capital, Islamabad, shortly before the Eid festival two weeks ago.

  • Since then, the rate of new cases has increased.

  • The government is now introducing fines for those not socially distancing or wearing masks.

  • But enforcement is likely to be difficult.

  • Prime Minister Imran Khan, however, has bean clear with recorded deaths comparatively low.

  • He believes poverty is a greater threat In Corona virus, Smart Girl August there are 50 million people here who can't even afford two meals a day, he says.

  • If we impose a locked down like they did in Wuhan or Europe, what will happen to them?

  • But critics say the government is sending out mixed messages.

  • What's conspiracy theories are spreading?

  • A number of hospitals have been attacked by angry relatives.

  • As rumors circulate, medics are being paid by the World Health Organization to wrongly declare patients cove it positive here, um, or try to take a patient's dead body away, Furious at the prospect of not being able to hold a traditional funeral, Insisting Corona virus is Ah hopes tensions are aggravated by a lack of resources.

  • I spoke to one doctor aggressively confronted by a crowd of relatives of a critically ill woman who died with No, I see you bet available.

  • She's calling for more security and increased awareness.

  • They were shouting and saying, That is not happening to the doctor.

  • Damn, it is a small word for what I prayed that they, my husband, who is also okay, was pushed inside the world without be toe.

  • See the patient on.

  • He had to do CPR.

  • The patient without well, I was outside trying to control the more health care workers face.

  • Other threats to at least 30 have died so far from Corona virus.

  • Doctors have warned of a lack of protective equipment for some staff and the dangers of undiagnosed patients spreading the infection.

  • Officials insist that what certain hospitals might be filling up there is still plenty of capacity across the country, and equipment for staff has improved.

  • But for now, the number of new cases looks set to continue rising.

in Karachi's hospital's intensive care units for Corona virus patients are under pressure.

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Coronavirus in Pakistan: stretched resources and conspiracy theories - BBC News

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