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  • Yeah, I'm so this is Derek.

  • We here because your son just looked us up online, you know, to watch us match like this way.

  • We really, really wanted it to be picked up.

  • So that appearance did understand the key issues and risks in the online environment.

  • So he watches the one line gave, you know, on his laptop iPad, PlayStation, his phone, your face on my TV projector.

  • Anyway, we usually perform for adults, but your son's just a kid.

  • We during Ari that young Children are ex ident, like coming across pornography, which is quite dressed in dramatic for them.

  • We know that.

  • Pick what?

  • It, uh, purposely excess when they're in the really early tames, which is no, really a good time for them to be learning about.

  • Speaks in that way.

  • He might not know how relationships actually work.

  • We don't even talk about considered, do we?

  • No.

  • Just get straight to it.

  • Yeah.

  • Never act like that in real life.

  • I met a Yeah, I If I could somewhat up in in that show, I would say conversation is K having a discussion with your Children about these issues.

  • It really paid Understanding how that and interacting online.

  • And what they're doing and where they're going online is really important as well.

  • And then you just walking because tell all the kids that you know what is reality like Computer with that thing online.

  • Sandra, stay calm.

  • You know what to do here, all right.

  • Many.

  • It sounds like it's time to talk about the difference between what you sing online and real life relationships, not judgment.

  • Many young Keeley's a using porn to learn about six.

  • Keep it real online.

  • Get help and advice.

  • Keep it real online dot gov t in.

Yeah, I'm so this is Derek.

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The New Zealand porn ad designed to protect children - BBC News

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