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  • the city of Leicester with its 340,000 inhabitants, will not be allowed to ease locked down restrictions on July the fourth.

  • Unlike the rest of England, the decision follows a surge in cases of Corona virus in the area, with over 800 reported in the fortnight to June the 23rd.

  • The Siris of strict measures outlined in the House of Commons this evening by the health secretary Mac Hancock, include the closure off schools for most pupils in Leicester from Thursday from tomorrow.

  • Nonessential shops will also close on.

  • All but essential travel to and from the city is to be avoided.

  • Mr Hancock said that the government would keep all measures under review on would not keep them in place longer than necessary.

  • With the latest Here's Our Health Editor Que Pin Leicester City Centre tonight, pubs and restaurants which have been closed since locked down in March, all set to reopen on Saturday along with others in England, but they have no been told they can't.

  • It's very disappointing at the end of the day we've been gearing up to reopening for this period.

  • I mean it was announced a couple of weeks ago.

  • So whether it's our colleagues, our suppliers, we were getting together working out plans, working with health and safety about what we're gonna be doing, training, staff, everything and it's it's just really, really disappointing.

  • As well as an extension of existing restrictions, non essential shops will have to close from tomorrow and local schools on Thursday and there's advice to avoid nonessential travel in and out of Leicester.

  • I'm not surprised because there are too many people going against what's been recommended.

  • Personally, I find it hard because I live in my own so it's going to be another two weeks not happy about that.

  • I told to be honest because it's happening, hold on the country.

  • Why is the Leicester with the place to be shutting down?

  • And it was late this evening when the health secretary came to the Commons to announce the measures, having taken clinical advice on the actions necessary and they discussed them with the local team in Leicester and Leicestershire.

  • We've made some difficult but important decisions.

  • We've decided that from tomorrow nonessential retail will have to close and as Children have been particularly impacted by this outbreak.

  • Schools will also need to close from Thursday.

  • Labour's health spokesman himself for Leicester MP said the outbreak it first being spotted 11 days ago and the government could have acted sooner.

  • Earlier, the city mayor, who was expecting the announcement didn't sound totally convinced.

  • I surprised they're actually it's the government needs to be done in Leicester because to be honest with you, the statistics, while they do show issues in this that they did not show ones that are so dramatic that we should be singled out.

  • On the other hand, if the government wishes to proceed with this, we will live with it.

  • Testing in the area picked up the unexpected rise in virus cases.

  • New mobile testing units were moved into the city over the last few days to give more detail to officials right down to local post codes.

  • There's been much speculation about the reasons for the increase in case numbers in a city areas with high density housing, some residents vulnerable will underlying health conditions are among factors which have been mentioned, one local councillor said.

  • For some South Asian communities that were language problems with key health messages as well as housing challenges when you have a large family living in the 23 bedroom house that can create a huge health issues and that I know for a fact does have exist in Leicester, especially in my work on, and this is due to housing crisis.

  • We have a serious shortage of houses.

  • Local authorities in the area will be given extra funding to enhance communications with residents.

  • But businesses will be wondering what might compensate them on how long these new measures will last.

  • And he was with me.

  • I'm just wondering what you made of this range of measures and what it tells us about concern in government and elsewhere.

  • With Lester well here, it certainly goes further than we expected in the health secretary just announced it less than an hour ago in the common.

  • So people are absorbing really what he had to say.

  • First of all, we hadn't expected this closure of local schools and non essential retail this week.

  • We'd expected an extension of existing locked down restrictions beyond Saturday for two weeks.

  • There's no time limit been set.

  • Now it'll simply be reviewed so it could continue on the stats that the health sector used.

  • We hadn't heard before admissions to hospitals running between six and 10 per day in other areas.

  • It's one per day on the infection rate in Leicester, he said was three times higher than the highest city equivalent.

  • So those stats are pretty stark.

  • I should also say, for those shielding, they'd expected a bit of a a relax ation of the rules from July, the sick That's the most vulnerable, with difficult health conditions that now won't happen in Leicester on that day.

  • Are you picking up any signals from government or other bodies that they are concerned for other towns or cities in that we could see this kind of thing happening elsewhere?

  • Well, I think the message is this could happen elsewhere in England.

  • The point being made is they've tried to tackle local outbreaks already on a much smaller scale.

  • In Somerset, for example, the closure of the hospital this is the first time they've done it with a big urban conurbation on a couple of fringe towns around the edge off Lester's a very significant moment in the handling of this crisis.

  • The point being made is that if you apply these localised measures based on testing You don't have to lock everybody down as we've seen for the last couple of months.

  • So that is a much more effective tool, they think.

  • But certainly not much consolation to the people of Western businesses.

  • There's even, indeed, Hugh.

  • Thanks very much.

  • Thank you, Pin.

the city of Leicester with its 340,000 inhabitants, will not be allowed to ease locked down restrictions on July the fourth.

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