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  • if this in continual will be will be done wherever they descend on the eat Virtually Freddie.

  • Yesterday we did a NATO surveillance in Samburu on way.

  • We got to sums one billion some.

  • And I want one of a very, very big storm approximately goes on 15 kilometers.

  • So we've come to spot them and send the co ordinate toe the spraying plan which we expect if the weather allows, they can cut the anytime they will start coming over to spread them.

  • This really, really a very terrifying moment because in the next, probably few months would not have brains.

  • And they are moving in their millions from places this probably almost like 2000 acres of land that are being decimated by the by these swarms of Locusts you can look yes.

  • Look, literacy look bad, but they can't get out close and really here.

  • You know, I just go the information that display airplane Is that the cloud business to law where this properly answer So they haven't really telling taking off well, the first time the locus came Have never seen such thing.

  • I've never seen insect in millions almost covering the sky.

  • Eso what came to my mind that we're in for a big, big trouble.

  • As a community, we can sit down and see these insects.

  • You know, the strength of our people.

  • Okay, Could.

  • And it.

  • I know you.

  • I give brother Friday.

  • Monday was very the bush of practicing the locust.

  • This work.

  • But I think he's doing it for the sake of our community so that you can sit.

  • The lady holds off many in this serious.

  • I did.

  • Hicks, it's a crisis.

  • We're gonna be a crisis for these people.

  • Yes, yes.

  • Um, this locust descended on this on subsidies for small scale farmers.

  • In this political element on their very destructive, you can see most of them are dead.

  • Have to spring the red day.

  • Done.

  • You'd destruction more than I do.

  • You look great.

  • One of the key component in us winning this war on locust is tracking on Sevilla's and the district.

  • On other of us is ah, one of the Regis where we had a swarm of Locusts.

  • That's 84 to 2 days and we sprayed our use of going toe a certain number of low cost of a day and even promote to look other that could possibly have laid eggs.

  • They were Pinky Ping Quindio spread.

  • That's another one here.

  • And I will also need to have a picture for my my up.

  • I agree.

  • Uh, now it's straight.

  • Definitely within the next.

  • For us, it was a tough day.

  • Here is a rod experience.

  • Ready heart.

  • Nobody can ever ever truck these lockers on foot.

  • Eggs already, Hex.

  • If these things are not controlled at this time, definitely it will be a double tragedy to the communities living around here to the communities who definitive lie on this meditation toe.

  • Feed the animals.

  • I never have a scene.

  • This kind of invasion on crops.

  • It's a crisis with gonna be a crisis for these people.

  • Yes, right, Terrible.

  • These are disaster which it will affect.

  • Not me alone.

  • These other farmers are chewing there.

  • Another one.

  • There's another one there.

  • So in few, it's something like in two days all these farm will be finished.

  • There's nothing.

  • This is what I call property.

  • It's a critical and generation seeing.

  • This is X, how the display and defending.

  • And of course, the coveted the Koran.

  • Awareness is not a to double edged funding to our people.

if this in continual will be will be done wherever they descend on the eat Virtually Freddie.

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Preventing a plague: Fighting Kenya's locusts - BBC News

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