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  • Good evening.

  • The prime minister, who said last month that he'd rather die in a ditch than ask for another Brexit DeLay has now written to the European Council president accepting a three month extension to the Brexit process.

  • It's the formal confirmation that Mr Johnson's pledge to take Britain out of the EU by this Thursday can't be delivered.

  • Prime Minister has again called for a new early general election.

  • He said this parliament had become dysfunctional, but his plan for an election on December the 12th was rejected by the House of Commons tonight.

  • Another attempt is expected tomorrow on.

  • Labour says it will not agree to an election unless a no deal Brexit is completely ruled out.

  • This report from our political editor, Laura Kuhns Berg, does contain some flash photography.

  • Throw your hands up if you like every shot under efficient and constructive meeting, and I am happy that a decision will be taken short, inefficient.

  • Know how anyone could describe the Brexit process full of missteps and stumbles.

  • Picture.

  • But the meeting in Brussels to give the UK another three months delay was exactly that.

  • The prime minister says the pause was imposed on the government against its will.

  • When writing to the EU Council, he says, I have no discretion to do anything other than confirmed the U case formal agreement to this extension.

  • He goes on to state.

  • In my view, this unwanted prolongation of the U.

  • K's membership of the U is damaging to our democracy onto the relationship between us and our European friends.

  • But despite Boris Johnson's rush, he's broken his Brexit deadline and his promise to leave by Halloween instead this afternoon trying to push MPs to the ballot box.

  • There is a widespread view this parliament has run its course.

  • That is because I simply do not believe that this house is capable of delivering on the priorities of the people, whether that means Brexit.

  • Technically, this sessions only being going a couple of weeks for the current cast have been in place since 2000 and 17.

  • There's nothing comfortable about this for Labour.

  • They won't agree a contest yet they will avoid his responsibilities, break his promises to dodge scrutiny on today.

  • He wants an election and his bill will not with our endorsement, there's a message to the people of Scotland, the SNP and the Lip.

  • Thames, though, weren't ready to back the prime minister tonight.

  • But tomorrow, when he'll need only to win by one, might be a different story.

  • We will not vote with the government tonight.

  • But make no mistake, the Scottish National Party are ready to give people back their see a way forward.

  • No is to have an election, but to do so responsibly, no letting the prime minister force through his bad Brexit deal.

  • There are doubts, though, about an election, even in Tory ranks and among their natural allies.

  • We are not records.

  • We do not want to see the United Kingdom on governable, but the one thing we don't we're not prepared to do is to see the United Kingdom divided.

  • Ultimately, the prime minister was miles off what he needed, guys to the right 299.

  • The news to the left 70.

  • But just when one vote is gone, along comes another round here.

  • Number 10 will ask MPs again tomorrow to back an election on December the 12th but they although this time to ditch any effort to get their Brexit deal through parliament.

  • With that gone, the opposition parties maybe more enthusiastic But suspicions of Boris Johnson's motives are all around tonight.

  • But tomorrow this parliament might call time on an era of short tempers and long debates and move swiftly into a ferocious campaign of short days and long election nights.

  • Laura is at Westminster will talk to her in just a moment.

  • First, let's go to Brussels and talk to our Europe editor catcher Adler.

  • Catchy.

  • How does Brussels view the prospect often election here, possibly within weeks.

  • Well, if we think back to when Theresa May was prime minister at the time, you leaders hope that if you got Parliament involved, that could help solve the U.

  • K's Brexit question.

  • At other times they thought a second referendum or even, yes, a general election.

  • Definitely when they bean renegotiating at the Brexit deal of late you leaders of hope, this could bring the issue off Brexit to a conclusion in the UK Certainly the prime minister promised you leaders it would, and yet look where we are right now.

  • There have been so many full storms when it comes to the long Brexit process, and that's why when the prime minister in his letter to the U today, I asked them.

  • Yes, I'll accept a new Brexit extension.

  • But please, could you make it clear that this will be the very last Brexit delay?

  • This is not something that you leaders are really prepared to do because you what happens if it does come to a general election on it proves inconclusive when it comes to Brexit.

  • What happens if the new Brexit deal comes again before Parliament and MPs reject it?

  • You leaders.

  • Their main focus throughout all these months of negotiation has been to avoid a damaging no deal.

  • Brexit.

  • They want to keep in their back pocket the possibility off another Brexit extension if need be to avoid a no deal scenario, even if the idea of even more Brexit delay really does not make the you happy or eye catcher.

  • Thanks very much.

  • Let's go to Westminster, then talk to Laura.

  • Laura.

  • What do you think the chances are of a vote tomorrow, which actually approves the general election before Christmas?

  • You think the chances are good for Downing Street in terms of getting what they so desire?

  • The idea of trying to get that clarity that cattle was just talking about, of getting to the country in a way that they hope would work out for them.

  • But just because the chances are better than they have Bean for Boris Johnson in terms of getting into the ballot box, it doesn't mean whatsoever that this will be a slam dunk.

  • Remember, he has tried before and failed, tried again and failed and tried again tonight and failed again.

  • It seems tonight that the Lib Dems and the SNP are pretty much on board, but pretty much is very important.

  • They will be waiting to see precisely in black and white what the terms are of the vote that the prime minister wants tohave tomorrow on.

  • Do not underestimate for one single second how other MPs from the Labour Party, or maybe the D.

  • U P might try to get in there and amend or change what has been put forward in front of them.

  • So certainly it seems that things could be stacking up for the prime minister, but it does not mean that he will reach this goal by in 24 hours time.

  • It seems, though, that parliament has been inching towards this moment for many weeks now.

Good evening.

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Brexit delay agreed as MPs vote again on an election - BBC News

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