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  • were British citizens are being advised not to travel anywhere in the world for the next 30 days because of the Corona virus pandemic.

  • The Foreign Secretary dominant grab made the announcement in the House of Commons.

  • So with immediate effect, I've taken the decision to advise British nationals against non essential travel globally for an initial period of 30 days and, of course, subject ongoing review.

  • Mr.

  • Speaker, I should emphasize this decision is being taken based on the domestic measures introduced here in the UK alongside the changes to border on a range of other restrictions which are now being taken by countries right around the world.

  • Following today's changing travel advice, British nationals who decide that they still need to travel abroad should do, say, fully aware off the increased risks of doing so.

  • And that obviously includes the risk that they may not be able to get home if travel restrictions or subsequently put in place that they hadn't anticipated.

  • So we urge anyone still considering travel to be realistic about the level of disruption they're willing and able to endure an intimate decisions in light of the unprecedented conditions that we face within our diplomatic correspondent James Landor.

  • Watching that and the question for many is what?

  • Why now?

  • You heard the foreign sector.

  • They're talking about this being unprecedented circumstances.

  • This is an unprecedented move.

  • No British foreign secretary has ever told the British people don't go abroad unless is absolutely essential.

  • And it reflects two things.

  • One is the advice given by the government yesterday, namely, if you're telling everybody, don't travel unless it's really essential in the UK you've got a pretty much copy that for overseas.

  • But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, they do not want Mawr more Brits to be traveling overseas and getting into difficulties because there's it's a pretty chaotic world out there at the moment.

  • Countries are throwing up a lot of border restrictions, travel restrictions willy nilly a lot of the time without giving other countries any kind of notice.

  • And there is an increasing risk in the government's view that there will be vulnerable Brits trapped abroad, unable to get back.

  • And they don't want to add to that stock.

  • There's already a fair number of um, they don't want that to be increased.

  • Eso That's really why they're doing that.

  • I think the there are some exceptions, of course, the exceptions are primarily for freight and for business goods that simply have to come into the into the country.

  • And for the moment, that advice will ask for 30 days.

  • But it's gonna be kept under constant reviews that will probably change some unprecedented announcement.

  • But is it is it problematic?

  • Announced.

  • Well, it is difficult because what doesn't really solve the British nationals who are overseas problem?

  • When the foreign secretary's giving his statement to Parliament MP after MP was standing up, saying, What about my constituent to his trapped in Country X?

  • They There are no flights home.

  • Their insurance is about to run out.

  • The hotel is about to kick them out.

  • They haven't got any money.

  • The insurance companies, they will only pay you when you get back.

  • How does that solve that?

  • Frankly, all the foreign secretary really say, Well, look, you know, the UK government is not saying to these people you must return immediately, but they're saying, Look, there's a window here where some flights may be available where some countries may really take some of those restrictions open, open them up so that some Brits can get home, but the foreign sector was very clear.

  • Repatriation flights are costly, they are complicated.

  • And he said they're becoming harder to achieve.

  • So I think they are hoping for some rich.

  • If there's a chance to get, they should move now.

  • Is there a sense that the government, all government departments, are now singing from the same hymn sheet?

  • If you like?

  • Yes, Yes.

  • And I mean government is government.

  • Andi, think department moving sort of different phases now.

  • But this is the Foreign Office saying, Look, this is our side of this particular case on.

  • There are going to be a lot of instances off British nationals trapped abroad who find themselves in difficult circumstances now.

  • And there will be a test of the extent of the remit, if you like, of the British government, cause frankly, the bridge government does not have the resources to fly everybody home.

  • Okay, James.

  • Thank you.

were British citizens are being advised not to travel anywhere in the world for the next 30 days because of the Corona virus pandemic.

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Coronavirus: Britons urged to avoid non-essential travel abroad - BBC News

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