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  • this'd such a cool experience to get to connect in this way.

  • You're black.

  • That's my stage.

  • Me from a place called Chen in just south of India.

  • Now I live in Mumbai, which is like my name's Aaron Rey.

  • I live in Nashville, Tennessee, and make singer songwriter Americana Indy music.

  • Everybody suspected, like the small, you know, office please locates and exact.

  • That's everything right up to the biggest composer was.

  • I know, like some of the major like booking agencies.

  • They've laid off a lot of employees.

  • And of course, that's happening more and more in all industries.

  • My post that's been keeping busy.

  • The good thing is, I managed to get all of to stop my album recorded for the walk down from doing a similar thing.

  • We're getting ready to record our next record, and so we're doing demos in New Jersey and then on our way home we both got text messages that South by Southwest had been canceled, and that was an event going to play.

  • That was like the first moment of like, whoa show is being canceled.

  • That's my primary source of income.

  • The challenge for me is just like having to trust.

  • Today I have what I need.

  • Have food at a place live.

  • Um, you know, if I get behind on some bills, that's okay.

  • I'll catch up later.

  • What?

  • This locked out and everything is starting his home with me.

  • This life and human interaction which you know, lies.

  • That is such an important thing.

  • Rationalize how important it is to have some amount of it.

  • What I'm gonna do after this is re think about how way didn't make music more accessible to people, even in a time where they can come to our shorts.

  • I just imagine that we'll all feel so grateful to get Teoh gather together again at some point.

  • Hopefully, it'll it'll be a lasting, renewed sense of, like appreciation for just sharing actual experiences in the same room.

this'd such a cool experience to get to connect in this way.

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They're 8,000 miles away and share the same passion - BBC News

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