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  • China's health Commission is mourning the ability of the deadly Corona virus to spread is getting stronger.

  • It comes as the number of people infected by the new viruses jumped to nearly 2000.

  • That's a 50% increase on the previous statistic.

  • 56 people have died so far.

  • Authorities are also warning about the risks of the virus mutating and based on the knowledge we now have.

  • This is emerging and new disease.

  • The knowledge we have is quite limited.

  • We are not very clear about the source of the disease and the and the infections are no entirely under our control.

  • So they stoned the changes and the involvement of the infections.

  • We would enhance our preparedness to respond to the possible changes off the infections well.

  • His latest development follows President See Jinping's warning that the country faces a grave situation.

  • Authorities are now warning that the virus is contagious during its incubation period that is different from the SARS virus and that virus SARS killed more than 800 people globally in 2003.

  • Incubation period off the new Corona viruses anything from one tau 14 days.

  • China's Health Commission insists it will be taking more measures to curb the spread off coronavirus, but hasn't yet outlines specific details.

  • They have, though, bans the sale of wildlife in markets and restaurants.

  • Although it hasn't been confirmed.

  • That is how the virus crossed into humans.

  • Many people believe it happened through snakes.

  • Well, this is the effects the current quarantine is having in Wuhan.

  • That's the city at the center of the outbreak, officials preventing people from leaving or entering.

  • It seems that most of the population is staying indoors.

  • Our correspondent Steve McDonald is in.

  • Then Yang, having just visited Tube a province close to the exclusion zone.

  • Well, it's still in a pretty dire stadium in hospitals or calling for donations from people in terms of face masks.

  • The provincial government has ordered millions of face masks so somewhere but churning them out on the production line.

  • Special military medical teams have arrived to arrive to bolster the local teams and also teams from Shanghai.

  • But But the problem is just so huge, and the lock down area, if you could call it that, is getting wider and wider, and that's where we are.

  • We're just across the border from who bay in Hernan, But this is also a place with very much at the heart off this emergency.

  • All of these cars are either from this small city, or they had to pass a screening point to enter cities right along this border area in the region of doing similar things in some smaller villages and towns.

  • They've just taken it upon themselves to say Anybody who's an outsider who doesn't live there can't come in.

  • So they just kind of locking down the village on deciding we're gonna as a group, ride this out and don't let any outsiders that sort of on effective self quarantine, protective zone and the government in Beijing, given the extent of this problem, is considering much more drastic measures.

  • Hundreds of thousands of people left who bay before that transport lockdowns in place.

  • Some of them were six seeking treatments that have gone to Shanghai, Beijing.

  • Other places seeking treatment.

  • Now imagine they're taking the virus with them.

  • That means the problem has also moved elsewhere, and so we could also see in the big cities of like Shanghai Beijing transport lockdowns in place.

  • They're already talking about preventing some transport.

  • Arriving at the Chinese capital.

  • Now that hasn't happened yet, but again, it just shows how seriously the authorities are taking this on their preparedness to take much more drastic steps to try and control this problem.

  • Steve MacDonald reporting that.

China's health Commission is mourning the ability of the deadly Corona virus to spread is getting stronger.

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