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  • Thames Valley police say they're investigating a serious incident in a park in Reading Embark Scher.

  • A number of people have been stabbed and there are reports three people may have died, but this hasn't been officially confirmed.

  • Two people are being treated in hospital.

  • Let's get the very latest now from our correspondent Helena Wilkinson, who's at the scene for us tonight.

  • Helena, just bring us up to date with the latest we live.

  • There is a huge police investigation here in Reading the Town Centre tonight.

  • There are dozens of officers around here and a massive police cordon.

  • The park itself is just behind us.

  • Behind that wall over there.

  • We can't get anywhere near it for obvious reasons.

  • But these got called at seven o'clock this evening when it would have been like to reports of a stabbing in that park.

  • There were pictures showing a couple of air ambulances in the park itself and other emergency services.

  • Now we know a number of people were stabbed in that incident.

  • There are sources suggesting that a number of people also died, but that hasn't been confirmed by officers from Thames Valley police.

  • We also spoke to one eyewitness.

  • Earlier he was in the park himself.

  • He said he saw a man move from Greek to group stabbing people and then was in announced very quickly from the park itself.

  • Those injured they've been taken to a hospital nearby.

  • And we've also had news from Thames Valley police in the last half an hour.

  • Also, they have arrested a man.

  • He was arrested at the scene police telling people to avoid this area.

  • On also a statement from the home secretary.

  • Pretty Patel, as she has said she is deeply concerned to hear of the incident in reading on her thoughts are with everyone involved.

  • Okay, Helena.

  • Thank you for that.

Thames Valley police say they're investigating a serious incident in a park in Reading Embark Scher.

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Three people killed in Reading park stabbings - BBC News

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