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  • well, let's return now to the Corona virus outbreak and how it's affecting Iran.

  • The latest death toll there is 66.

  • Let's try and clear up what exactly is happening with the virus.

  • In Iran, the number of cases has doubled to over 1500.

  • Here's The Tehran Times, which is connected to the state saying one of those the dyes and adviser to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

  • Now, despite the sharp increase in the statistics, there's evidence to suggest the number of cases on the number of deaths is higher.

  • Still, here's the head of the W H.

  • O, saying a chartered flight has gone from Dubai into Tehran carrying staff and medical supplies.

  • And we know that Iran's government is doing its best to shift through the gears on this story.

  • This is the health minister.

  • He's announced that 300,000 health workers will go door to door testing people.

  • But there are doubts about this tactic is tying a stone from BBC monitoring so people are very skeptical about the plan of many.

  • Because of the scale of the project, there are 80 million people in that country.

  • 31 provinces, 27 of which are gripped by the virus.

  • So people are asking, How are they going?

  • Teoh knock on every single door, even in the areas are hard to reach and do they have enough equipment?

  • And another thing that they're worried about is that the time could actually help spread the virus.

  • So on social media there asking each other not to open the door for these teams, they're saying that this is a populist plan and it's not gonna work now.

  • The initial center of the outbreak in Iran was the holy city off calm just south of Tehran.

  • Today, BBC Persian published this video.

  • It's a man filming burials at a cemetery and calm, and he says he's already been involved in the burial of 80 people, all connected to the Corona virus.

  • And if that's true, that would be far in excess of official figures.

  • We have another video, this time from the capital Tehran, again highlighted by BBC Persian.

  • This man you see here is warning passes by not to come near him, he says he's infected when we can see him coughing severely.

  • He's then picked up, but you can see by people wearing full protective suits on he's placed into an ambulance.

  • Well, here's people see Persians runner Ryan poor on how we assess the statistics in Iraq.

  • We're not convinced.

  • We think that it is an underestimation off what's going on.

  • And it's not just us.

  • There are so many people inside the country, including politicians.

  • So on MP from the city off Rash, which is in the north off Iran today, said that these numbers sound like a joke.

  • He said that in his city, which is one off a one off the critical cities at the moment all the hospitals are full, they can no longer cope, and he blamed the authorities for sending help 10 days after it was announced the outbreak was announced, so they said they were too slow to react on.

  • By now, the entire city is in trouble, so so many people believe that it's either downplayed or the authorities don't have the capacity to test all those people who are affected.

  • I'm or possibly dead and they have been buried on the cause of death has been announced as chest infection or flu without being tested to know whether they were they died because of the coronavirus.

  • We'll tell you more about these cities because often when we talk, we've been focused on calm, understandably, because that's where the outbreak started.

  • But where else should we be looking?

  • So at the moment, the worst hit city in terms off number off cases is Tehran, the capital.

  • But also we have heard, and now the city of Fresh, which I just mentioned, and the city of car Sean are on lip ready.

  • Let's.

  • And it means that the numbers are quite so.

  • It's what it's not just that out of 31 provinces in Iran, 27 provinces have Kate have reported cases off coronavirus, so we're only talking about four more provinces, and many believe that they will probably have it, and they haven't been tested yet.

well, let's return now to the Corona virus outbreak and how it's affecting Iran.

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