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  • as the Corona virus pandemic claims hundreds more victims.

  • Ministers have sought to address the deep concerns around the situation in care homes in England.

  • They have now promised a new testing regime for both residents and staff on for anyone being discharged from hospital to a care home.

  • But the announcement has prompted a series of questions about how realistic the plans are given the slow progress on testing in the NHS, which is still nowhere near the government's official target off 100,000 tests a day now.

  • The latest official figures for the UK show that there were 761 deaths reported in the last 24 hour period.

  • It means that so far the official number of deaths in the UK linked a Corona virus is 12,868.

  • That number doesn't include deaths in care homes or in the community in England on Northern Ireland.

  • But any Jess managers have struck a rather more optimistic note Today.

  • They say it's increasingly likely that the NHS will be able to cope with the peak in cases that is expected soon because, they say off good planning on lower than expected demand on intensive care.

  • Our health editor, Hugh Pym, has the latest.

  • It was his lifetime ambition, and Graham achieved it last November, co piloting a plane, a gift from his family that's 77.

  • He was still very active.

  • He recently went to a hospital with cancer.

  • The family assumed Graham would come back home, but he never returned.

  • Having contracted Cove in 19 his grandson's wife, Emma, who herself now has Corona virus, spoke of their sadness and frustration.

  • No one was there told his hands, and it's not why you want to go.

  • Only 10 people can go to the funeral, and we have a big family so we can't go and you can't get the send off evening.

  • You truly deserves.

  • Finding a way out of the Corona virus crisis will depend largely on a big increase in testing.

  • Ministers have called on academic and business laboratories to join a national effort to boost capacity.

  • Some big companies have said they will help out, but one business manager with laboratories told us how he felt that his offer hadn't been taken up, understandably frustrated, a little unhappy.

  • I mean, it would be very easy to sit and enjoy the sunshine and went until things open up again.

  • But, you know, I feel like I have a duty to the country on my team.

  • T keep them busy to do something worthwhile.

  • The number of tests carried out each day hasn't gone up a lot that there has been a bank holiday weekend.

  • It stands at just under 16,000.

  • But that's still a long way short of the 100,000 today targets set by the government by the end of this month, just two weeks away, NHS workers will be tested if they need it, including drive thru centers like this, letting them get back to work quickly.

  • If they test negative.

  • That will now apply to social care staff in measures for England announced today following whales a few weeks ago, including testing of care home residents on those returning from hospitals.

  • We will now ensure that everybody who has symptoms gets tested and the critical other change is that those leaving hospital will now be tested on.

  • They will be put into isolation until those test results come through.

  • How you actually going to cover this large number of social care stuff on NHS staff Andi Hospital patients.

  • How is it going to be achieved?

  • So now we have testing available right across the NHS and social care for all those who need it on dime.

  • Very pleased, we've been able to expand capacity so that that can happen on as we build capacity further over this month and then beyond to that 100,000 day target find at the end of this month will expend expand further.

  • He also said that relatives should be allowed to visit loved ones who are seriously ill with Corona virus for final farewells.

  • The peak of pressure on the NHS was expected about no with a Surgeon Cove in 19 patients.

  • Health leaders say there is still critical care beds to spare and most hospitals appear to be coping.

  • But the peak could lost some time.

  • What we think we can say with increasing confidence that the NHS should be able to cope with this initial peak.

  • The interesting thing, though, is there's now a whole lot of new challenges the NHS basis, in which the very obvious one is.

  • If we're gonna have this demand spread over a long period of time, how are we going to support our staff?

  • There was uplifting news when Connie, aged 106 left hospital in Birmingham.

  • She said she felt very lucky to have shaken off the virus.

  • Cuban BBC news.

  • So as we've heard, there's a new government promise that all residents and workers with symptoms in English care homes will now be tested along with anyone returning to a care home from hospital.

  • Although Care home providers welcomed the plans, many say that their cause for greater support in terms of staffing and training and specialised kit continue to be ignored.

  • Our social affairs correspondent, Allison Holt, has Bean to hear firsthand how one care home in Essex is trying to cope today at the same times lodge care home in Ching food, they said goodbye to six of their elderly residents.

  • Five of the deaths were linked to Cove in 19 the signs of its presence in the home marked out by the masked and gowned staff.

  • You really going to music Francis?

  • Each life lost a member of this family, a simple service to provide a few moments of reflection at a deeply distressing time for staff residents on the family's listening online.

  • The home cares for 35 people, many with dementia.

  • A resident returned from hospital with the virus.

  • Had the testing announced today being available, it might have helped.

  • But the manager says despite all their precautions, the virus spread quickly.

  • For the last free weeks, we've been like a little mini hospital where we've been dealing with inter life patients on relatives, people seeing their relatives to end life, having to dress them all up in pp before they can say goodbye.

  • It's been it's been so four.

  • I mean, it's awful.

  • It's It's just surreal.

  • It really is.

  • It's an experience that residential and nursing homes up and down the UK are now facing in video diaries.

  • Staff here told us that the toll it's taking on them recently over the past few weeks is being very hard.

  • Watch in your residence, get ill and die in not being able to give you a residence or hug or kiss when they really need it.

  • We've lost them, a number of dear people.

  • To us.

  • They become a family.

  • It's probably the hardest thing I've ever had Teoh to come to work and look after the people in this PP.

  • But unfortunately, this is the situation at the moment, and this is what we have to do.

  • Care Homes like this welcomed the government's strategy on social care as some recognition for what they're dealing with.

  • But for many, it's being too slow in coming, and they want rapid action.

  • Like many care homes, they say So far they felt left on their own to deal with this crisis, struggling to get enough protective equipment.

  • And even now not all their staff can be tested.

  • At DR three centers, there's still 18 staff that haven't had any tested and can't have testing.

  • They don't drive on.

  • Our residents haven't been tested, and I think we need that so off as soon as possible, cause I think it would help massively and how we manage and quarantine different parts of behind on the staff here say they need to know that the promises made will lead to actual support is protected.

  • So I'm wearing cannot shield humanity.

  • Should they held their hand so they won't be allowed.

as the Corona virus pandemic claims hundreds more victims.

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