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  • We know Corona virus has spawned a whole new industry of dodgy claims, and some of them have come from leading political figures.

  • Is a few that might raise eyebrows.

  • Let's start with the world's most powerful man.

  • Within a few weeks, President Trump went from playing down Corona virus to calling it a pandemic.

  • He's also implied that surgical masks have been stolen in huge numbers from hospitals in New York the way of explaining the rise in their demand.

  • Where the masculine are they going out the back door?

  • But there's no evidence of widespread theft.

  • And if patients are flooding in on intensive care units of full because of a new infectious disease with no vaccine, when you are going to need a lot more protective equipment, toe have any chance of being able to cope.

  • Various Chinese officials have been keen to spread the idea that the virus didn't originate in China.

  • The Foreign Ministry spokesman, jowly Jan, has done so repeatedly.

  • Chinese state media have amplified all sorts of false claims that covert 19 might have been created by the US military, or that it was present in Italy long before it appeared in China There's nothing to suggest that any of this is true and the scientific consensus is clear.

  • The virus first jump from animals to humans in Wuhan, in China towards the end of 2019.

  • With the other end of the spectrum, the Italian nationalist leader Matteo Salvini has been telling his supporters that China created the Corona virus in a laboratory.

  • It's another false claim, but it has been widely shared on social media.

  • Again, scientists are convinced that this is not a man made virus.

  • The Brazilian president giant ball scenario was censored by Facebook, instagram, Twitter and YouTube for spreading false information.

  • They removed posts of a video in which he claimed that the anti malaria drug Hydroxy Clara Queen was totally effective in treating Cove in 19.

  • In fact, there are lots of trials and it's being used experimentally.

  • But the overall impact of the drug is really unproven.

  • A senior Indian politicians, Superman Iam Swami, reported that the covert 19 strain in India is a less violent mutation, which the human body's defense mechanisms are able to resist more effectively.

  • That's not what the experts are saying.

  • All viruses mutate, but scientists have yet to find any variation in how lethal covert 19 ca NBI.

  • If the virus mutates slowly, that's good news.

  • It means that when a vaccine comes, it should be effective for longer.

  • There's a lot we still don't know that the emergence of a Corona virus that threatens all of us hasn't stopped the virus of dodgy claims from spreading around the world.

We know Corona virus has spawned a whole new industry of dodgy claims, and some of them have come from leading political figures.

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Coronavirus: False claims by politicians debunked - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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