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  • in the forests of Colombia.

  • Nature is under attack.

  • Theo.

  • Civil war ended in 2016.

  • Deforestation has skyrocketed.

  • I'm Frank Gardner.

  • I'm heading into what remains of the Virgin tropical rainforest.

  • Four.

  • I traded in my wheelchair for a pack horse on, Untested to my limits.

  • I think I could do this.

  • I think this is just too dangerous.

  • I'm joining a crack team of plant scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

  • They're on a mission to discover and save unique plant species before they vanish forever.

  • In 2016 the Colombian government signed a peace deal with FARC rebels.

  • More than half a century.

  • Civil law actually slowed the pace of deforestation.

  • But now remote tracks of land have opened up.

  • Farmers, loggers and miners are scrambling for resources.

  • Colombia is now reportedly losing 3000 square kilometers of forest every year.

  • Nature's always bean something of an antidote to my job as a security correspondent.

  • In 2004 I was shot and partly paralyzed while on the job.

  • I went, and I got a certain amount of trepidation about trip itself because everybody else is walking.

  • I'm gonna have to do this on horseback.

  • Otherwise, they're not gonna be able to make it.

  • Mr.

  • Yes.

  • This is the first time this area is gonna be explored by botanist or scientists.

  • For so many years, conflict and criminality made this area inaccessible to outsiders.

  • There is a bit of a risk here.

  • You know, my legs are osteoporotic that, like honey, comb the bones, so I really can't afford to fall off and break things.

  • Beginning of the track is a steep descent.

  • The botanists hope to find new species deep inside the forest, but I'm unable to hold on with my legs.

  • Uh, wow.

  • Guys, I didn't think I could do this.

  • I'm gonna fall off.

  • I think this is just too dangerous.

  • I mean, it breaks my heart.

  • I think you're gonna have to carry on without me.

  • The car gonna know Harambe Hood.

  • Okay, well done.

  • OK.

  • I want to Knowing what we managed to find a solution to get done.

  • It's late because game done by mule was just too tricky.

  • Too dangerous.

  • The bottom is hope to find plants with untold potential.

  • One of the local guides believes he's chanced upon something extraordinary this we actually we don't know exactly what it is on quickly.

  • Something you Is that we are the first Brokenness collecting Syria.

  • What does it need to find a potentially new species like this in the remote forest?

  • Some of this vicious could have the properties to cure important disease for human.

  • So biologists and botanists, we have to try to understand us as soon as possible as quick as possible.

  • All this amazing biodiversity.

  • In the fight to save the forests, the Colombian government has extended its protection to millions of acres of land.

  • The Army launched Operation Artemisia in 2019 to combat illegal logging.

  • But in remote places, the law is hard to enforce.

  • Illegal loggers are still a work in these forests.

  • Okay with you.

  • Yeah, it was in the article on it.

  • Uh, your loss.

  • This fallen giant will make the loggers $300.

  • Scientists from Q remain hopeful of finding hidden treasures before it's too late.

  • Colombia today is a post conflict nation, but it faces a new battle to protect its natural resources.

  • The biodiversity contained in these forests could prove to be its most precious commodity of all.

in the forests of Colombia.

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Colombia: Saving rare species in jungles once protected by war - BBC News

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