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  • Kocian is in the air in this Egyptian public hospital.

  • Safety measures of Titan and patients were cleared from the room as this infection gets underway.

  • But medical staff across the country are very worried about their own health.

  • Dozens off them have recently tested positive for Corona virus.

  • Way spoke to a doctor in a public hospital who didn't want to be identified half past before.

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  • This is the country's main cancer medical center in the heart of Cairo.

  • Before it became a hot spot for Corona virus over a week ago, nearly 20 medical stuff were infected.

  • Officially registered Corona virus cases suggest that the infection rate has not spiked yet.

  • But even before the country gets to this grand milestone, doctors are warning there isn't enough personal protective equipment or medical tests.

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  • According to the World Bank, there is nearly one hospital bed for every 1000 Egyptians, and local statistics say there are around two doctors for every 1000 patients.

  • We managed to get this video from a quarantine hospital where media access is highly restricted.

  • There are nearly 30 off them and they're said to be well equipped.

  • The doctor in the yellow suit is Mohammed.

  • He worked at another hospital that had around 160 patients.

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  • But the government disagrees.

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  • Egyptians have not seen the worst off grown A virus kept.

  • But with a population off over 100 million and the poorly funded healthcare system, the scenario can be scary if numbers swell.

  • Sailing avian BBC News SkyTel.

Kocian is in the air in this Egyptian public hospital.

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Coronavirus in Egypt: 'The supervising doctor has tested positive' - BBC News

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