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  • there's growing anger over how Corona virus has taken hold in care homes across the UK The government suggests that one in four of the overall deaths in England have been in care homes.

  • The National Care Association says they feel completely abandoned, while others are questioning how quickly the extra £600 million of funding for the care sector will get to those who need it.

  • Our social affairs correspondent Allison Holt, reports this care home in Kent was one of the first in the country to lock down, with staff moving in to try to protect their elderly residents with dementia.

  • The desperate for more support but feel the government's infection control plans are very late.

  • Germany.

  • We start half seven, but I've started an hour early to make sure all the ladies are up so we can clean their rooms.

  • Obviously, we haven't had a cleaner, so it's been a bit stressful with 18 year old Liberty who has a bunk bed in a room shared with other staff, spends two weeks at a time here.

  • We're trying to keep the routines as normal as possible because big dementia, the second you change of routine, gets quite confusing for the ladies.

  • Last night.

  • We had some sad news.

  • One of our residents passed away.

  • It wasn't coronavirus related.

  • Andi.

  • It was a big shock are off.

  • Liberty and others have put their lives on hold to keep the virus at bay.

  • The government wants to reduce staff moving between homes.

  • But in a low paid profession, it's not clear what that means in financial terms, the home's owner says the extra costs and the pressures he's already facing are pushing his another care companies to the brink has been lonely between really lonely.

  • It's Bean.

  • Um, I've cried some nights not knowing what to do, how I can get through another week.

  • Having to motivate people to stay in their homes have been really soul destroying.

  • You sound like you've got the way to the world on your shoulders.

  • It hasn't been easy and, you know, carers have, you know, cares if it was.

  • We've struggled stronger times.

  • Many care homes argue they haven't had enough support.

  • This home in capturing is closing after serious concerns about standards of care.

  • 14 residents have died in six weeks.

  • The owners believe their problems were rooted in the discharge of hospital patients into the home for March the 19th when they had no signs of the virus, the home began taking in 15 patients.

  • They weren't tested for covert 19.

  • About a week later, the company says, residents and a large number of staff, including the senior team, became ill, with Corona virus leaving the home struggling to cope to the BBC.

  • The government says testing has Bean increased, and it's already providing homes with a lot of support that is being a sort of big national effort.

  • Teoh a system and I know that the health secretary will be saying Maura about that soon.

  • But I don't want to sort of underestimate the extraordinary work that's gone in to care homes to make sure that most of them have indeed remained covert free.

  • In Scotland, the first minister has introduced extra checks before hospital patients are transferred to homes.

  • NHS tests are also given toe all patients due to enter or re entered a care home from hospital on.

  • If they have previously tested positive for the virus, they must have too negative tastes before entering.

  • The kids home from hospital and care staff know they still have a long fight ahead of thumb to keep their residents safe.

  • Allison Holt, BBC News transport for London, has said it's secured a £1.6 billion emergency bailout from the government to keep services running.

  • TfL has seen passenger numbers plummet by more than 90% since the start of the pandemic.

  • The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan A.

  • Had warned that without the funding, bus and tube services might have to be cut.

  • The BBC has learned that teachers unions will meet the government's chief scientific advisers tomorrow to seek reassurance about plans to partially reopen some of England's schools.

  • Some have expressed concern about whether it would be safe to ask staff from people's to return our education editor Brown, When Jeffries joins me now and how important is this meeting going to be?

  • Sophia I think it's highly significant is being an extremely tetchy week between teachers, head teachers and the government, with teachers frankly feeling agreed that they've Bean accused of scaremongering.

  • Well, I understand tomorrow they're going to get a chance to put many of their concerns and questions to the chief medical officer, Chris Witty, to the Chief Scientific Tifico officer Patrick Balance and some of the other government governments, other senior scientific advisers.

  • They have a large number of questions that they want to seek reassurance on from very simple things, like wire face coverings being advised on public transport.

  • But not when schools return to understanding a bit more about the risks.

  • Not so much to Children who appear to suffer very markedly in the main from this virus, but the risks around transmission.

  • Will more Children going back into school take more of the virus into circulation on back home to families under course to teachers and other school staff, such as cleaners or the admin stuff?

  • All the people who need to be back to make a school function?

  • And of course, it's absolutely crucial for the government that they get buy in from the teaching profession.

  • In order for more Children to be able to attend school at the beginning of June, teachers have to feel they can trust the precautions that are being taken in order to turn up for work, and parents are going to need toe, have confidence on to be able to listen to head teachers on know that they feel reassured at.

  • Of course, England is the only part of the UK that is proposing to open up its schools to more pupils from the first of do problem.

  • Thank you.

there's growing anger over how Corona virus has taken hold in care homes across the UK The government suggests that one in four of the overall deaths in England have been in care homes.

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Coronavirus: anger over huge death toll in “abandoned” care homes - BBC News

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