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  • one of the latest NHS staff victims of the pandemic was a pregnant nurse working at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital.

  • Mary Aggie, upon who was 28 said to be a highly valued and loved nurse who had been admitted to hospital last week, and doctors say her child was delivered successfully and is doing very well.

  • Among other NHS staff who've died is Dr Peter Ton, a specialist at the Royal Box.

  • Your hospital total number of NHS staff have died so far is 45.

  • Our correspondent Andy More has more details.

  • Ah hospital, Like many across the country dealing with a surge of Corona virus patients, Luton and Dunstable University Hospital has seen dozens of deaths from Cove in 19.

  • On Sunday, they lost one of their own, Mary Aggio and Japan, also known as Mary Mo, was 28.

  • She'd been a nurse for several years after completing her training in the UK It's understood she'd been working during the latter stages of her pregnancy, but her NHS trust says she was not treating Corona virus patients.

  • She tested positive on the fifth of April, and she was admitted to hospital two days later.

  • her daughter was delivered by Caesarean section when her condition worsened.

  • David Carter, the chief executive of Beverage Here Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said Mary worked here for five years and was a highly valued and loved member of their team, a fantastic nurse and a great example of what we stand for in this trust.

  • Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Mary's family and friends of this sad time.

  • A fund raising page has been set up online for Mary's family.

  • It describes her as a blessing to everyone she came across.

  • It adds that her love care and sincerity will be irreplaceable.

  • One person who gave money said Mary's memory would live on in her beautiful baby girl and you more BBC news with me is Hugh Pym.

  • Our health editor was with me once again.

  • I ask you about the official briefing today, Hugh, about the figures.

  • Did you detect any suggestion or hint from the government's experts that we might be heading towards some kind of improvement?

  • Were you?

  • Quite a lot of interest has been taken.

  • In a remark by Chris Witty, the government's chief medical advisor, at the briefing when he said, We are probably reaching the peak overall, and he talked about a flattening of the curve.

  • So what was he talking about?

  • Well, one of the chart shown was for hospital patient numbers in different parts off the U.

  • K.

  • And you can see there in London, they've come down a bit, that red line pretty flat elsewhere, up a bit in the east of England, fairly flat in Scotland and Wales, no data available from Northern Ireland.

  • Then he went on to say, We're not yet at the point where we can confidently and safely say that this has gone past the peak and we can start thinking about the next phase.

  • He in fact, warned that death numbers may go up in the next few days.

  • The death toll.

  • He talked about it bouncing back, possibly even tomorrow, because of a delay in registering deaths over the bank holiday weekend.

  • And I think the tone from him and other government officials is they really don't want people to start thinking there's light at the end of the tunnel.

  • They want people to realize that the peak may last for a little while, and there's no suggestion based on any of this that any of the current guidelines should be relaxed.

  • Hugh once again, thanks very much Cuban there.

  • I have said it well.

  • A partnership between clinicians and university researchers on industry, which we reported on a few weeks ago, has now resulted in the production off 10,000 breathing aids for Corona virus patients who are seriously ill.

  • This afternoon, Mercedes Formula One completed manufacturer off the continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAC, devices, which were designed in partnership with engineers at University College London.

  • Initial trial suggests that they may be able to save more patients from needing the use or ventilators.

  • Our medical correspondent, Fergus Walsh, has the story.

  • This is the stark reality of intensive care in this time of Corona virus.

  • Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guilford has many critically ill patients on ventilators.

  • I just remember it being really, really difficult to breathe, and it would hurt to breathe.

  • That's horrible.

  • It literally scared me.

  • I thought that was when they were taken away.

  • Tim Hall is over the worst.

  • The 37 year old spent four days on an alternative breathing device known a CPAP, which pushes oxygen under pressure into the lungs.

  • It meant he didn't need to go on a ventilator, which requires sedation.

  • Just being able that being able to know what's going on and to use around you on that again I think, makes a big difference.

  • So being awake was a massive thing.

  • The CPAP devices have been manufactured by Mercedes Formula One in North Hampton Ship, quite a contrast to the usual job of designing engines for motor racing.

  • They just finished in order of 10,000 of them for the NHS.

  • It was done in partnership with engineers at University College, London, to modified and improved an existing design.

  • The manufacturing process has been made freely available as a consortium.

  • We're we're really dedicated to supporting the global efforts around Cove it.

  • And in response to that, we released all of the designs and manufacturing processes for the device it zero cost.

  • Since then, we've approved over 1300 downloads off these different designs.

  • Andi, that's across 25 countries.

  • The more of these devices that are made available, the less pressure they'll be on ventilators, a limited resource which he needed for the most civilian patients.

  • All the medical staff on intensive care at Royal Sorry must wear full protective clothing because of the danger of infection.

  • They know all too well the threat posed by Corona virus So you can see clearly the difference between the lawful CT scan here on this sinking scared with pneumonia.

  • In the sickest patients, Corona virus causes severe pneumonia.

  • Or it tells us alone tissue.

  • His damage on the damage is associated with leakage of fluid and cells into along.

  • So it stops the little blue jeans and a lot of salvia like working properly and you can see this is really quite significant.

  • All this is abnormal tissue.

  • National data shows that of more than 1600 Corona virus patients in intensive care who finished treatment, around half have died, but uneven higher number remain in critical care, their outcome still uncertain.

  • Doctors trialling the CPAC device.

  • Hope it will mean more patients will survive.

  • Like Tim, who has this message on social distancing and anything you think that is worth gone outside for its No, no, not when you could potentially see you could throw at last time Or, you know, or even even a week or so without, it's hard enough so that that point, whatever it is, it's not worth it.

  • The CPAP machine was approved by medical regulators in just days.

  • That's in stark contrast to several new models or ventilator, including one by Dyson, none of which have received the go ahead for use in the NHS.

  • Fergus Watch, BBC News.

one of the latest NHS staff victims of the pandemic was a pregnant nurse working at the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital.

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