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  • New Zealand and Iceland are on the brink of eliminating Cove in 19 with close to zero active cases in both countries.

  • Both are geographically isolated with small populations.

  • Big advantages in fighting Kobe in 19 however, have taken very different strategies with similar success.

  • Let's start in New Zealand, which has had over 1500 cases in 22 deaths.

  • The Pacific island nation of five million people implemented one of the toughest lockdowns in the world, shutting it's borders, closing schools and workplaces.

  • At its peak, New Zealand scored 96 out of 100 Oxford University University of Stringency Index Ah 100 being the toughest response with the government led by Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, has received global attention for clear and decisive action.

  • His one headline from The New York Times to send ordinance Older, Drastic, locked down with straight talk on mum jokes, promises message also focused on kindness, spreading road signs.

  • It's a strategy that has worked in the past 10 days.

  • New Zealand has not recorded any new cases well, according to this study by New Zealand's Otago University, it's on track to declare itself covert free in three weeks time more from you.

  • Zealand's reporter Polina Lower New Zealand has currently one active case of covert 19 remaining and there have been no new cases confirmed for the past 10 days in a row.

  • I think the success has been largely down to the government's decision to go into full lock down early on.

  • New Zealand had its first case confirmed at the end of February and within a month the country was in full lock down at level four.

  • What the Smith was only essential services were running so hospitals fancies on and supermarkets everything else had to be closed, including any takeaways of food delivery services on.

  • People were urged to stay home.

  • These rules are very, very clear.

  • They were on TV.

  • There were on air brakes, on radio and on online platforms as well, so it was very clear as to what people were and went allowed to do.

  • New Zealand also closed its borders and any nationals returning home had to be put into mandatory quarantine at this myth that the government could contain the cases, trek any new ones and look those who were affected and eliminate community transmission.

  • So when this was achieved.

  • We moved out of level four, locked down and into levels with fewer restrictions.

  • We've now been and level two for just over two weeks, and the economy has more or less opened up again.

  • Everything is back, up and running.

  • People are still practicing social distancing, including businesses.

  • So although it was a cautious and rather slow approach to begin with, it's seems to have paid off.

  • PELLINE allow there will.

  • New Zealand strategy isn't the only successful one.

  • Iceland Richards had 1800 cases and 10 deaths went down a different track.

  • It never imposed any lock down whatsoever and instead implemented a strict policy of test, trace and isolate.

  • Cafes were kept open and only some businesses, like nightclubs, were shut well.

  • According to that Oxford University stringency test, the Nordic countries scored only 53 out of 100 for its motions.

  • That's about half that of New Zealand, but it is a strategy getting international recognition, this New Yorker article says.

  • It didn't just manage to flatten the curve.

  • It virtually eliminated it.

  • Only a handful of active cases remain.

  • His Icelandic journalists Peony Petr.

  • The first case off Court 19 was confirmed in Iceland on the 28th of February.

  • In the first cases, all came with Icelandic tourists coming from skiing resource in Italy and Austria, and from the very beginning the main focus was on quarantine and rigorous testing.

  • I sent us now tested over 61,000 people for the wires.

  • It's ah, a higher proportion of the population than most other countries.

  • Only a handful have tested positive in May.

  • So there are now only two active cases here.

  • And I believe there are two main factors that make this possible for one, the small island population.

  • It's it's easier to contain the virus here and and much easier to create an atmosphere off empathy in smaller groups.

  • And it came nothing here early quarantine.

  • Do it for the ones you love stay at home.

  • And also the politicians stepped the site and left it to the professionals.

  • There were daily briefings here, like like everywhere else and very rarely any politicians there.

New Zealand and Iceland are on the brink of eliminating Cove in 19 with close to zero active cases in both countries.

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Coronavirus: New Zealand and Iceland on the verge of beating the virus - BBC News

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