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  • I made a mistake.

  • I made a mistake on the piano.

  • My name is Andrew Garrido.

  • I'm an award winning pianist and musician.

  • And fewer than 10 years ago I learned how to play the piano on pieces of paper.

  • This is my paper piano, the third version that I dream.

  • I started learning to play the piano on paper because my mom had just been made redundant on lacking funds to afford an instrument or piano lessons.

  • I went online and I drew a keyboard, so I played on the piece of paper, guided by sounds I was hearing on the computer.

  • But after a while I just began to hear those notes in my head.

  • I used the paper piano between grades one and Great five, after which my mom saw my commitment.

  • So she board money from family and friends to pay for a keyboard that I could have a home.

  • But I still have to continue toe practice on real pianos.

  • Eso often I would go around to local houses who had pianos, and I was allowed to practice front our so a week on those I began a tour of practice rooms.

  • I'm now in my third off four years on my current course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and I'm loving it really am.

  • I'm alongside many people, I think, who have come from more affluent background.

  • I think it's very the same.

  • And it meant when they had the opportunity toe to study music, they started very young.

  • They studied with very fine inch mint and very fine teachers.

  • Andi.

  • It meant they were best place toe go for the opportunities that all of us were going after.

  • I made a mistake.

  • I made a mistake on the paper piano.

  • It's you make mistakes.

  • I don't think there's been ever greater challenge than playing on pieces of paper.

  • Looking back.

  • Having done that, I'm quite ready to face any other challenges that come my way now.

  • Never underestimate what you're able to do, and if you think you are at the limit of what you're able to do, try harder.

  • You you can always give more, and you'll be surprised what you're able to achieve when you really search inside yourself for that willpower for that strength to achieve what you really, really want.

I made a mistake.

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The pianist who learnt to play on a paper piano - BBC News

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