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  • Corona virus has meant that many traditional ways of celebrating our faith together.

  • I'm not safe right now, and this April that is going to be particularly challenging.

  • This month holds some of the most important events in the religious calendar, including Passover for juice, Easter for Christians by sucky for Sikhs on the start of Ramadan for Muslims.

  • So here's some tips to help you celebrate, actually with your friends and family so you can see here I'm using Zoom to show the pyramids of Egypt.

  • Passover is where we remember when the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt and how they escaped and can change the background as you're telling the story of Passover to show the plagues of Egypt.

  • And then you can show parting the Red Sea because you're doing a virtual seder, you have no constraints on geography or size of table.

  • We're actually using this opportunity to recreate the family seders we used to have as a kid.

  • This Sunday is Easter, when we Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Price.

  • Go for a walk outside.

  • If that's allowed where you live, look around the world where you live and see where hope is greater than despair.

  • My other tip is to sing loudly.

  • You're in your own home.

  • No one can hear you.

  • And one recent Sunday, my husband looked at me and goes, I never knew you were that bad at singing.

  • But this is the time no one can hear you accept your loved ones.

  • Sing out the Sikhs sake is the celebration of the creation of the council.

  • Share the story of the sucky poetry through music through art.

  • How you could still uphold yourself.

  • Your selfless is a way that you could be three charities that might be in your area.

  • Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic calendar, where Muslims fasting.

  • Use video software.

  • Talk with your friends, see them eat together, pray together, read Koran together.

  • However, if you do decide to pray with your friends, think of mindful muting, which is to view your mic so your prayers aren't distracted.

  • The prayers of everyone else inside your group started ticked off Challenge.

  • My friends and I are doing a Tic Tac challenge called past Date, so it's similar to the don't rush challenge except instead of passing a makeup brush will be making tour on like a little prayer eating a date pass into the next person in the video, check your privacy settings.

  • Make sure that you, your friends and your family can enjoy the celebration without any unwanted intruders.

Corona virus has meant that many traditional ways of celebrating our faith together.

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Passover, Ramadan, Easter: How to celebrate at home - BBC News

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