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  • for us yesterday.

  • Especially those who voted conservative.

  • You may you may know so they not tour I think I said 11 years ago to the people of London What I am selected Labour City Your hand made over the about Before you put your cross in the conservative box and you may return to label next time.

  • And that is the case.

  • I'm humbled that you put your trust in me.

  • Do you trust I way?

  • Never.

  • Your support I will make it.

  • I will make it my mission to work 19 day flat out to prove you right in voting for me this time on toe support in the future.

  • And I say to you that in this election your voice has Bean heard about because we politicians have squandered lost three years, 3.5 years in squabbles about even be arguing about Oh, you about the tone of our arguments I will put it in tool that boasts get threats all the time by the 31st January.

  • No, it's no buts Maybes European Union is one United Kingdom back control of all those money our trade immigration system delivering on the democratic mandate of the people on at the same time.

  • This what makes you continue Government will massively increase our investment in the NHS.

  • The health service represents the very best of our country with the single beautiful idea Rich, poor, young, old the NHS is that for us when we all see at every day that service performs?

  • That is why the NHS is this one nation conservative governments talk priors and so we will deliver 50,000 more dances on 50 million for GP surgery.

  • Appointment way will deliver long term NHS budget in trying the law 600 community extra every week Well said on on the other hand away other priorities Use the people of this country.

  • I voted for records, said the old school, an Australian style points based immigration system.

  • More police colossal new investments in infrastructure in science, using our incredible technological advantages to make this country the cleanest, greenest hold up with most far reaching environment programme people in this country Virgin to be called a mutual.

  • Did you style this government?

  • This people's go.

  • It's also a duty to deliver on each and every one of those commitments and it is a great and heavy responsibility.

  • A sacred trust for me, every newly elected conservative.

  • And be for everyone in this room and everyone in this party.

  • And I repeat, in winning this election, we have one votes on the rough.

  • I never voted conservative before on people who brother parties.

  • I wouldn't change.

  • We cuddled must know muscle.

  • That was done.

  • Change.

  • We was changed to.

  • We was recognized Incredible reality.

  • But we now speak as a one nation party.

  • Literally everyone from working toe working too.

  • From pity.

  • I'd probably say to clear itself.

  • Sorry to see you from Wimbledon Toe Wolverhampton on.

  • As the nation hands us this historic mandate, we must rise to the challenge on to the level of expectations on follow Must Collins are working for you, the British people.

  • That is what we will not do.

  • Isn't it opportunity to every corner of the UK education, public infrastructure and technology?

  • Lets get Brexit dumb.

  • I bust my friends.

for us yesterday.

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Johnson 'humbled' by support of electorate - BBC News

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