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  • Hi, I'm Francesca.

  • I am 17 and I leave every chancer Italy Michaelmas Fair was allocated in your vanities.

  • I lived there with my mom, my dad and my 16 year old brother.

  • My family enjoy spending time with friends, listening to music, watching movies and traveling were very close and have a lot of fun together.

  • The thing is, I'm not there right now.

  • I'm in America, in Ohio, in a rule town.

  • I came here is an exchange student Last summer, I was supposed to be here for one year.

  • Back in Italy, things were not good.

  • The number of deaths in Italy has increased by more than 1/3 to 631.

  • My parents catch me up, will face style.

  • My brother gets up, does your school on his own work, watches a movie.

  • He's pretty bored, loves to hang out with friends.

  • But I can't.

  • My parents are very worried.

  • It's big white local year.

  • They air both working from home.

  • Right now, they can only leave the house to go to the grocery store Pharmacy.

  • Here my life looks quite different.

  • I get out, I do my homework to go for a wall hanging out with my brother is in play with a dog.

  • I don't feel like I'm trapped in the house.

  • Being away from my family in Italy right now is very hard.

  • Thio Thio checked in use every day and I see how much people were struggling over there.

  • And it hurts me, sir, that we're okay.

  • Fine.

  • What I am experiencing now it's different from my expectations because now I'm stuck in a house.

  • I can't see my friends here.

  • It's kind of weird and crazy, but we're saying safe at home.

  • How is it for you?

  • Just know that I'm here, not there with you.

  • It's after, you know, the Norway from us because people more family should get together in a way we know that are safer Was their life continued on each day similar to the last week after week?

  • Until one day Italy has begun easing its Corona virus restrictions Right now, how is it like it is very, very bad at the moment.

  • It's hard to start again, and even now you have to call up.

  • We're just very from people.

  • So we'll find a way.

  • Absolutely.

  • When we here in America didn't go.

  • As expected, this was still the best year of my life.

  • But it can't wait to see my country.

  • However change it might be.

  • And in spite of the virus and the quarantine and everything how you very tight when you can call love you by life.

Hi, I'm Francesca.

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To Italy with Love: Postcards from a Covid-America - BBC News

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