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  • you are.

  • We're going to Worcestershire in the West Midlands for the consistency of Brahms growth, which has just returned the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid.

  • Because the West Midlands has been fertile territory for the Conservatives tonight they're picking up a lot of seats there.

  • Chancellor, did you expect to do this well across the country across England?

  • Can I just say I haven't officially Bean returned yet?

  • Unless you know something that I don't.

  • I'm still waiting for my result.

  • But I am optimistic.

  • We'll tell.

  • You're quite right.

  • But I think from what we've seen so far, it's not in huge doubts.

  • But I've just done it without me.

  • But what I was trying to find out.

  • What did you expect?

  • This result to be picking up so many of these legacies?

  • Look, of course, we don't have the final final results yet.

  • It's still a projection, But it is, of course, incredibly encouraging this evening on.

  • But I didn't know what to expect going into this, that we went in there fighting for every single vote on I think our approach it clearly it looks like it's paid off.

  • Our message has got through people have rejected utterly the division that was offered by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and the others on.

  • They want unity.

  • They want this country to move forward off course.

  • They want Brexit done.

  • It looks like that is one of the messages from the results, and that's great that we can move forward in that way.

  • But they want so much more else they wanted a government that listens to them, Onda.

  • Hopefully, if this is confirmed that it is a conservative majority government, that is exactly what they are going to get.

  • Well, you did fight this election on getting Brexit dunk, but of course you haven't got Brexit done on.

  • Even if you pass a withdrawal agreement, you then go into some rather difficult and detailed negotiations on what our future partnership will be with the European Union.

  • We don't really know the shape of what you're going for.

  • What we do know, of course, is that we have an exit deal.

  • We had that before, but we couldn't get it through the paralyzed.

  • No, I know that I'm asking.

  • I'm asking about the future and tells the shape of this future partnership deal that you're going to get.

  • The first thing is to get the exit deal through and we will start that process in parliament again.

  • If the results tonight are confirmed, I have toe carry at it that way.

  • Once we've got that and And if we get that deal through Parliament, which we will with a majority then of course, we move to the next phase which is to get the excellent trade deal that we've negotiated their principles off that we've set out on.

  • We will get that through Parliament and we will do that next year.

  • And now if the majority is the kind of majority that it suggested tonight, I'm incredibly confident that we will get that through Parliament.

  • Onda.

  • We will be having the smoothest of all exits from the U.

  • We will still be.

  • You have that friendly relationship with our European friends.

  • But we can move forward with Brexit.

  • But also we have the bandwidth to folks and so much shell Steve NHs and hospital.

  • Ok, ok, the election.

  • I told that to see we've had five weeks of that.

  • Ah, a lot of a lot of blue collar workers are working class labour voters voted for your party tonight, You preparing a budget that's going to reward them that will give these people something worth their vote?

  • Well, I I Stoppard's stage a few months back in our party conference and said that we are the party of the working class.

  • But where you going to do for them what we are?

  • I think the message that is come look in our manifesto and I think people have been looking at this and they reflected on that.

  • And that's why I think we're seeing the night that we have.

  • So, for example, we've said in our in the first budget that are having in February, we're gonna be cutting taxes for working people.

  • The national shorts cut.

  • We've announced that 75 living wage.

  • We'll have a Onda this and and clearly this is a has bean, an important part of our message.

  • I think that it's got through.

  • But people also naturally in casting the vote, have compared what we've said to the nonsense that was spewed out by the Labour Party on the numbers that just did not have Onda Labour Party.

  • I'm sadly they are you.

  • Are you staying?

  • His chancellor's Mr Johnson confirmed.

  • You'll stay as chancellor.

  • It's not yet.

  • Let's see.

  • Let's see what the results are tonight on.

  • Then you are our hope that in a few hours tomorrow morning we will see Boris Johnson, MCAS Prime Minister.

  • And then one of the first things he will do is set out his government very well.

you are.

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