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  • of the state opening of Parliament of December 2019 is underway.

  • Her Majesty the Queen, accompanied by His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, making their way through the Royal Gallery.

  • It's part of this great procession, Lord Great Chamberlain, The marks of humbly with the responsibility off carrying the crown on, then proceeding them.

  • We have the black rod.

  • The lady s your black robe.

  • The Lord High Chancellor, the Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk.

  • The cap of maintenance being carried by Baroness Evans opposed park on the sword by the Marshal of the Royal Air Force, the Lord Stirrup.

  • And then the Queen and the Prince, followed by the lady in waiting, the Lady Elton and following the lady in waiting as they make their way into the princes chamber, we have captain of the yeoman of the guard and the captain of the gentleman dorms past the statue of Queen Victoria whose record, of course, in terms of raining the queen is broken.

  • Remarkable record it is, and into the chamber off the House of Lords itself, where all the pierce off the realm are waiting for this Queen speech.

  • Queen takes her place on the throne Prince of Wales to crown will be placed on that table just to the left.

  • My lords, pray be seated.

  • We know six have you want to be seated on will give the signal.

  • The black brought to summon the MPs signal is given.

  • The signal was received by black broad blacks rods approach to the House of Commons being sounded out and Black Rod as usual would be reminded that the House of Commons is an independent.

  • My blood black into the chamber of the House of Commons to someone the UN Peace to come and listen to the Queen's speech.

  • Mr.

  • Speaker, the queen commands it's honorable house to attend Her Majesty immediately.

  • So the order has been given, of course, one familiar feature missing this year because way often have a little bit of heckling going on.

  • At that point on the veteran Labour man Dennis Skinner, who was not re elected at the general election for ball so on is no longer in the Commons, you would have been the father of the house.

  • More senior and long serving member had been re elected.

  • So the MPs, including John McDonnell there and Andrea Leadsom making their way, following black broad on the speaker through the members lobby and back through the central Avian down toward the House of Lords.

  • And a rather grim looking with prime minister may get another glimpse of them and see if there chatting.

  • Laura, what do you make of it?

  • So is the shot to look for on it looks that Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely determined not to exchange one single word with Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Naturally selected, Rather would be anywhere.

  • But here is they walked through Central Nobby.

  • Boris Johnson appears to be noted, some members of the public never their friendly crowd or people who knows you've come to watch him on this day.

  • But Jeremy Corbyn resolutely staring ahead, grim face Leah's.

  • We saw him leaving his house this morning even more.

  • I have to say lots of these events are normally they do kind of trying to make an effort to chat a bit.

  • But one comment there from Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Try not grown chief with the labor and lots of the front benchers, but, of course, is a bit of Russia's well from the back benches.

  • Get a vantage point.

  • Inside balls is a lot of room every meter to see what's going on.

of the state opening of Parliament of December 2019 is underway.

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Queen's Speech: Fanfare announces start of procession - BBC News

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