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  • through, Let's talk to our health correspondent Anna Collinson, and we've had an update in terms of where the nation is now.

  • Ana Yeah, in the last, just in the last few minutes, the death toll has been announced and it's an increase from yesterday by 181.

  • So the death toll for the UK is now 759.

  • Yesterday it was 578 and yesterday, when that figure was announced, it gonna by 100 on because they had been a change in how the government we're recording this data that seemed to explain that big increase.

  • But again, today we're seeing an increased by 121 what we had heard in the PM's press briefing yesterday afternoon from the deputy chief medical officer.

  • She had said that the figures that they had received looking at the trend that had been a slight glimmer of hope that the U.

  • K's trajectory compared to other countries wasn't as steep, and they were hoping that things were looking more positive.

  • Obviously, these figures will need to be looked at, but it does appear to be bigger than what people might bean expecting.

  • Yes, yes, and continually we have toe look at other countries, and we will continue to do that here.

  • Of course, this elite coming on the day that we've learned about the prime minister and the health secretary there could now be one imagines an awful lot of people in political circles who have to think very carefully about what they do.

  • Yeah, exactly.

  • M.

  • Boris Johnson announced this morning that he had had some symptoms associated with Corona virus.

  • So a temperature, a cough he was tested by NHS staff at Downing Street on that test came back positive shortly after Matt Hancock revealed he had.

  • Also Bean tested on was positive, And that means that they both need to know now go into self isolation, abide by the rules that the government had set them so self isolation.

  • And Downing Street means he's not allowed to go outside unless it's for a short period of exercise.

  • He can't go out shopping for food or for medication he can't see his friends or his family can't have visitors on, and it'll be the same from Hancock and the type of symptoms that Boris Johnson can expect is the common symptoms that people have the majority Is this this existent cough this high fever?

  • In some cases, pneumonia.

  • There are, for the minority more serious symptoms, like difficulties breathing, needing to rely on a ventilator.

  • But as I say, that tends to be.

  • It is a minority, and it does tend to be for elderly people.

  • Onda thought about the coming weekend because we've bean reflecting that some hospital officials, some health officials, are saying, We really have to watch these figures over the next weekend.

  • We're so worried about a potential spike trying not to use all the words that are necessarily very helpful.

  • But you will appreciate what I what I mean by that.

  • And there's a lot of talk, for example, on particular pressure on hospitals on the outskirts of the capital.

  • How can we explain that?

  • Yeah, I mean the next 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Experts are saying that's when they think it will be the peak.

  • I know we've started the locked down now, but, you know, sometimes it takes symptoms up to two weeks to appear.

  • So the next 23 weeks is gonna be really hard for hospitals.

  • That's what experts are saying on the entire UK it affected.

  • We've seen hospitals in Glasgow on Newport warning about it.

  • But in London, that is where 1/3 of the cases are on a senior NHS bosses warning there could be a tsunami of cases this weekend that critical care support might not be available on DSO.

  • We've been hearing that NHS staff from other parts of the UK other parts of England are being drafted into London to try and help and do their bit on.

  • Of course, there are the problems with what's going on with hospitals at the moment, not enough equipment to go around, even though the government is trying to get out on the front line.

  • But also the fact that testing lots of staff having to take time off work because there they got symptoms or something.

  • They're living with her symptoms and they can't go in.

  • All right, Anna, for now, thank you very much.

  • Health course wanted to honor Collinson.

through, Let's talk to our health correspondent Anna Collinson, and we've had an update in terms of where the nation is now.

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UK coronavirus deaths rise to 759 - BBC News

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