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  • Let's begin in Brazil and now has the third highest number of confirmed Corona virus infections.

  • There are over 260,000 registered cases.

  • Only the U.

  • S and Russia have mawr.

  • That's not the whole story.

  • Experts are saying the true number could be almost 15 times higher.

  • However, we should say the number of fatalities in Brazil is lower than several European countries now.

  • This shows the trajectory of the daily total of recorded deaths.

  • Unlike in those European countries with high death tolls, the daily rate or fatalities hasn't started to significantly decrease in Brazil is the analysis of the BBC's committed motor in Sao Paulo.

  • In a country with continental proportions like Brazil, huge inequality the disease manifests in different ways.

  • In some follow, for example, mortality and infection rates are hiring the outskirts of the city.

  • In poor neighborhoods.

  • In those areas, people say it's hot to comply with social distancing measures because they need to work.

  • There is no way for them to do home office in the richest seating the country, around 35% off the labor force is in being formal economy cases are multiplying all over the place in the state of Amazonas, where the health care system has already collapsed.

  • We're now seeing the disease hating indigenous communities, some of them located in remote areas.

  • In the meantime, President J.

  • Bozo now keeps clashing with state governors because he's against quarantine measures and keeps repeating that the economy can't stop.

  • Couple of weeks ago, when asked about the surging number of cases by journalists, he replied merely So what?

  • What do you want me to do?

  • Both scenarios, rhetoric resonates with part of the population is small but loud.

  • Group that, despite the current situation, organizes demonstrations against social distancing measures.

  • And it's very vocal on social media.

  • Well from commuter in Brazil.

  • Next returned to Chile because we've also seen their opposition to the lock down that's in place.

  • We're going to hear from the capital, Santiago.

  • Now.

  • Chili has had more than 46,000 cases of covered 19 so far, with close to 500 deaths on a recent surge in cases prompted a strict locked down in the capital over the weekend.

  • On that lead to what you can see here, this was just outside the city protesters who were particularly objecting the food shortages clashed with police who were using tear gas and water cannon.

  • Here are some of the protesters me that I'm a taxi driver.

  • I can't make a living because which passengers can I pick up?

  • And what does the government give us?

  • Help food.

  • It's not quarantine.

  • We want.

  • We need help and food.

  • It's food that people are asking for right now.

  • Well, after those protests, the president promised to get food to those who need it, and this tweet is from the mayor of Santiago.

  • It says that the government is now planning to deliver 2.5 1,000,000 boxes of food between emphasizes that this is an unprecedented effort, and it goes on to say food will reach those who need it in the coming week.

  • Please stay home now.

  • Chili is not the only place where people are struggling with food shortages.

  • Let's also look at the situation in Mexico.

  • Drug cartels have exploited the absence of a coordinated state response, and they've started delivering food on essential goods themselves.

  • This is a report in the Mexican news website sit embargo.

  • It contains a video put out by the cartel advertising what the cartels calling its food brigade while BBC monitoring is Luis Fajardo has been looking at this issue for us.

  • Mexican drug cartels have traditionally operated through intimidation, but now they want to appear as allies of the people.

  • Unless of these communities were suffering a great deal in economic terms because of the pandemic, and they don't expect a lot from their government.

  • One of the ways this is working out.

  • It's sort of so called four brigades, these fairly elaborate logistics operations that are being set up by the cartels to feed entire communities in isolated or impoverished areas of the country.

  • For example, that Jalisco new generation cartel, which is one of the biggest drug trafficking structures in Mexico, has been spotted in Veracruz state feeding more than 400 people in one of these occasions.

  • No, this is not the only group, nor is it the first time that they employed these tactics.

  • Even in the 19 eighties in Colombia, with the managing cartel, Paulus Cohen was involved with this type of operation.

  • But what has changed now is the social media sophistication off their efforts to distribute across the population this message that they are allies of the community.

  • These videos are appearing in social media, even some of them apparently withdrawn shots showing the envoys of the cartel distributing this food and other types of eight in these communities.

  • Also, they're engaging in branding.

  • The Sinaloa cartel has Bean reportedly distributing food packages with the picture off.

  • Chapo Guzman, the famous the infamous drug trafficker, was now in jail in the US on other organizations.

  • Other drug organizations are involved in this type of struggle to capture the hearts and minds of the Mexican people in the continued fight between drug cartels on the government, which clearly continues throughout this time of pandemic.

Let's begin in Brazil and now has the third highest number of confirmed Corona virus infections.

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Coronavirus: Brazil records third-highest Covid-19 infection level - BBC News

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