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  • good evening.

  • My main story is that all British citizens in China should leave the country if they can, to minimize the risk of exposure to the Corona virus.

  • That's the official advice published by the Foreign Office earlier today.

  • Work is continuing to bring home Britain's from WHO Bay Province, where the outbreak began, and so far 427 people have died from the virus, all but two of them in mainland China, with more than 20,000 cases confirmed in no fewer than 26 countries.

  • The number of cases is thought to be doubling every few days, but the World Health Organization says it still doesn't amount to a pandemic.

  • Our correspondent John said with has the latest from Beijing in Wuhan, they've turned a stadium into a hospital.

  • State media, using images like these to reinforce a message.

  • China's getting things under control.

  • But the deserted airports and canceled flights show it's fear that seems to be winning.

  • Now the UK, along with Germany, France and New Zealand, are advising those who can to leave.

  • It's prompted some to try to bring their flights forward.

  • The British government advice has not really been that helpful?

  • Because you can't just take a flight out.

  • You know, flights aren't there.

  • They're not available If you can't get through to the airline.

  • So yes, about unity.

  • Did it add to your sense of worry when you when you hear governments telling people to get out if they can?

  • Yeah, a little bit.

  • I mean, the biggest worry was always the city would get locked down because we were in the second worst problems after who they going wrong is 2nd 2nd Yeah, So there has bean cities in the province of been quarantined.

  • Want to quarantine your stock?

  • This is when Joe, more than 500 miles from Wuhan residents kept indoors transport shutdown, the's scenes, air driving fears in foreign capitals that the virus may not be contained.

  • The advice to 30,000 Britons in China toe head to the airports is extraordinary.

  • The world's second largest economy, deeply integrated into global supply chains and transport networks now essentially deemed too risky.

  • All right, all right.

  • But it's not easy for all Brits to leave.

  • Little Baby Atlas doesn't yet have a passport.

  • It seems to be that the news is saying the elderly and the young are the most vulnerable.

  • Teoh violas generate devices generally so with a little but anxious about that.

  • And Danny's wife, Viola, is a Chinese national without a valid visa.

  • But the UK government has announced that shouldn't matter.

  • I've spoken to the Chinese foreign minister on received reassurances that no families that want to return UK national later families will find themselves divided on the basis off your nationality.

  • China's fighting on, but with so much still unknown about this virus, the international community isn't taking any chances, John said.

  • Worth BBC News Beijing Let's talk a little more about today's events them with our global health correspondent Tulip Mazumdar, to First of all, what's behind the decision.

  • Well, this is a decision based more on logistics rather than public health.

  • China has been severely restricting travel in the country, and there are concerns that it's going to be increasingly difficult for British people to get back.

  • Last week, British Airways and Virgin announced they were suspending direct flights between the U.

  • K on China Onda.

  • There are still some other carriers that traveling between the two countries, and the Foreign Office has said today if you can get onto one of those flights, get onto one of these flights.

  • Quite a bit of talk today about the difference for the contrast between what the British government is doing on what the World Health Organization is suggesting.

  • What can you tell us about that?

  • Well, the World Health Organization's official advice to countries is to know, restrict, travel or trade.

  • It'll they say.

  • There's no public health reason to do that, and it can just stigmatize some of these communities all around the world.

  • And we have just heard tonight that there's a Belgian woman who was on board a flight to bring people back from China into Frantz.

  • It's been confirmed that she has the Corona virus now.

  • There were 11 British people on that flight as well.

  • 10 of them have already been quarantined on the were ill in the hospital.

  • They're the 11th person is already being tested for the Corona virus.

  • So as and when these symptoms come up, those people will be diagnosed very quickly and I'll get treatment very quickly and that's what we're seeing.

  • We're seeing these quite severe measures being taken here in the UK, quarantining people off planes on all around the world, and it is in the hope that they can stop this becoming a global pandemic.

  • And that is where you would see a sustained person to person spread in communities in different countries all around the world at the moment where not seeing that.

  • But it's hope that some of these more extreme measures will stop that from happening.

  • Okay, Phillip, once again, thanks very much.

good evening.

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Coronavirus: Britons told to leave China – BBC News

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