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  • It's extraordinary how we can see the settlement.

  • The houses are right here, just through the fence.

  • You're completely sealed off.

  • I'm in a Palestinian village on just across the way.

  • Here is an Israeli settlement.

  • You can really get a sense of how close it is, What, 60 70 meters over there on there is a wall here that separates the Palestinian village from the Israeli settlement.

  • Except for one home, a Palestinian home that the Israelis have completely surrounded by this huge fence.

  • I'm gonna go talk to the family.

  • It is extraordinary, actually, when you see the height of this fence, just how seriously for the Israelis they take this.

  • The family here they described is like being in a prison inside a cage would come.

  • Yeah.

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  • The Israeli army cameras another Morocco and have the house suddenly separated Souther out of them Really nervous at night, Paktika and I'm sure have been and ah and ah, yeah, Look, we're going to go to the settlement now.

  • Should be about a minute's drive from here because of the fence.

  • You can't do that enough to drive all the way around the nearest Israeli checkpoint way stuck in a moment.

  • We're basically trapped between the Israeli soldiers here on just a very start of a demonstration.

  • There's burning ties, Palestinians betting ties back there.

  • Just, uh, there was a shot of tear gas just now from the soldiers said traffic as it is stuck at this point just coming up.

  • That journey is taken us.

  • Just show up an hour and 1/2 to get right around pretty much back to where we started.

  • Hello.

  • I'm Tom.

  • Nice to meet you.

  • I'm really sorry we're so late.

  • How about you?

  • Such as the rest of the world says, Well, you know, building settlements is illegal on what do you think when you hear that?

  • And the local sheriff t j better 1,000,000 stocking topic on bench near me, Then I Slowly, many would be beneficial staining or blackish he built the house.

  • You build this house yourself.

  • You said you, uh, born in Jerusalem many years in Jerusalem.

  • Why did you choose toe?

  • Come and build your house here in this settlement?

  • Because I think like we've driven an hour and 1/2 to get this side of this fence through a military checkpoint.

  • Would you think when you see Palestinian homes behind it, make the He killed a girl called What strikes me?

  • You know, when you look at this, the settlement on the other side.

  • Most of the rest of the world has always said building them by Israel is illegal.

  • What has changed in the Trump plan is, he says, okay, they become a formal part of the state of Israel.

It's extraordinary how we can see the settlement.

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The Palestinian family with its own checkpoint - BBC News

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