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  • the people here are no longer afraid of the bullets.

  • They've learned to live with war, starvation and cholera.

  • And now there's a new threat.

  • One that shattered the world was developed countries Corona virus in Yemen.

  • The first official case of Kuvin 19 was announced on April 10th.

  • Since then, schools of cases have been detected across the country.

  • Were half of all the medical facilities have been destroyed by war.

  • The Kuwait Hospital is still operating.

  • It's said to be the best equipped in Sanaa to receive patients with Cove in 19.

  • The BBC has gained access to it.

  • No Sameera knows how dangerous the virus is in such a fragile health system.

  • Jamari racy You didn't crash J and there are only 200 ventilators for a population of nearly 30 million people.

  • The Houthi movement, based in the north of the country, has only announced two cases and one death in Sanaa.

  • But our sources tell us that the situation is more dire, that there have been schools of covert 19 cases and deaths and son are alone onto the U.

  • N.

  • Warns that the virus could be spreading undetected in Yemen.

  • Well, Hala, what's reporting on the Corona virus has been banned by the authorities.

  • Videos like this one have been circulating on social media.

  • Yet across the country there have been few containment measures to keep the pandemic at bay.

  • In some neighborhoods, mosques were closed and markets shut down, but others are still terrifyingly crowded.

  • Here.

  • In this quarantine center, health workers are scrambling to prepare for a Fed influx of covert 19 cases.

  • I have family.

  • There is so much to do in a country that's already the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

  • The people here are acutely malnourished.

  • Cholera and diphtheria waves have ripped through the country over the years.

  • It's left the population with one of the lowest levels of immunity to disease in the world.

  • That's not all.

  • Clean water is a scarce commodity in Yemen.

  • Washing hands, a simple rule to prevent the spread of infection is almost impossible.

  • More than 24 million people survive on humanitarian aid.

  • That's been hampered by the Saudi led coalition defector blockade, and now American aid officials decided to hold funding, cutting off about $70 million in assistance destined for people in the Houthi controlled northern part of the country.

  • U s aid says the Houthis all to blame.

  • So we know that the U.

  • S.

  • Has pulled a lot of its humanitarian funding to northern Yemen.

  • Tell me what impact that's going to have on the Corona virus response by NGOs in Yemen.

  • Yemen is particularly unique to Kobe, 19 and already in Yemen to deliver aid to help prop up failing health systems.

  • The authorities have made it incredibly difficult, and it tried to interfere in our work where there's a risk that aid isn't going to go where it's supposed to go and those programs and keep the aid flowing to people who need it most.

  • Otherwise, it's Yemenis who are living in fear of Cove in 19 will suffer the most.

  • Despite a ceasefire designed to help the country focus on containing the virus, fighting has continued.

  • This war has brought Yemen to its knees.

  • And now, with the deadly pandemic, there is no sign of relief for the people here.

  • No, Alan McGuffey, BBC news.

  • Thank you.

the people here are no longer afraid of the bullets.

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