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  • the World Bank has pledged $1 billion to India to help tackle the Corona virus pandemic there.

  • More than 2500 infections have now been confirmed in the country, and more than 70 people are now known to have died.

  • The city of Mumbai has some of the highest numbers of patients in India, with many living in congested slums, sparking fears the virus could rapidly spread further jog.

  • Attila My has more details.

  • The virus has reached here.

  • Ages biggest slum on the most densely populated area on earth dot of you.

  • Nearly a 1,000,000 people live in less than a square mile.

  • Social distancing is next to impossible.

  • People are extremely scared here.

  • If Italy's healthcare system, which is ranked second in the world, couldn't cope, India is far behind them.

  • Here in Dharavi as well as in other slums of the city, people have tested positive for Corona virus.

  • Once that happens, they usually try to seal the area on, then go daughter door to check who else might be infected.

  • But you can imagine the challenge the government faces trying to trace the spread of the infection in cramped spaces like these.

  • Okay, the number of cases are doubling every three days.

  • Now the health care system is already struggling.

  • A doctor treating covet patients at a hospital that caters to at least three million people describe the condition there.

  • Fearful of speaking out, she didn't want her face to be shown totally unprepared.

  • In our industry, there are only six ventilators, so we have beaten, finding ways where we can use one mental later for two patients.

  • It's very scary.

  • All of us are just really overworked.

  • There are so many places, Ruutel setups, which lack basic healthcare facilities.

  • They have no hospital, they have more doctors working there, and I think they are going to be hit the worst by this illness.

  • India's spending on health care is among the lowest in the world.

  • A doctor here treats four times as many patients as one in the UK, and India has less than 11 ventilators per 1,000,000 people to treat covert patients.

  • If the virus is a threat, so's the stigma off contracting it.

  • In the city of indoor healthcare, workers were attacked for trying to screen a woman.

  • This stadium is being converted into an isolation center as our trained coaches today lying empty.

  • The railways were shut down nearly two weeks ago, as was the rest of India.

  • It took months for Corona virus to effect a 1,000,000 people around the world.

  • If not contained in a country the size of India, that number could multiply very quickly.

  • Your patella, my BBC news Mumbai There are now more than a 1,000,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in 181 countries, with Europe still the epicenter of the outbreak.

  • Italy, with more than 14,000 dead, is the worst affected, but the daily mortality rate is coming down.

  • Spain comes next, but it does have the highest number of confirmed Corona virus cases anywhere in Europe and in France, the number of dead continues to rise, with deaths in care homes now being included in the figures.

  • In Paris, police is strictly enforcing the government's tough quarantine measures over the Easter holidays.

  • Railway stations, airports and major roads will be monitored to prevent people leaving the city.

  • Lucy Williamson has more details.

  • It's not only nations that thrive on liberty epidemics to at stations across Paris today, every journey began with a police check, freedom of movement, a new national threat.

  • You have a piece of paper off course.

  • Johan made it through.

  • He's on his way home to Brittany after two years abroad.

  • But even the smallest mistake means being turned away.

  • I wrote the wrong date, not today's dates, and they've told me I need to go back home to prepare another form.

  • I have to go to work, but I can't.

  • France carried out almost six million checks during the first fortnight of Confinement Farm or than neighboring Italy, and it's issued more than 400,000 fines.

  • But questions over when the confinement will end a growing France is tough approach to the confinement runs the risk of losing public support if it becomes too harsh or too long.

  • The interior minister has advised sensitivity in applying the rules and says the police operate differently in the countryside compared to the big cities in the poorest suburbs compared to the towns.

  • But the Paris police chief was forced to apologize today after taking a very different tone.

  • So once were hospitalized.

  • Today, the ones from life support now are the ones that didn't respect the quarantine when it began.

  • This is not a video game.

  • It's really there are dead people with few life support beds left in the Paris region.

  • Patients are being sent across the country for care.

  • This is now the worst hit region of France.

  • But is there light at the end of the tunnel?

  • You ask me this question two days ago, I should say no.

  • There's a reduction in the inpatient murder to watch on the side of the ridge.

  • It off, see via patient.

  • That came for a sign, Of course, I imagine.

  • Half feet says there were no new admissions to intensive care in his hospital today, a first since the epidemic began the first glimpse of hope here after weeks of fear and frustration, the first sign that confinement might have worked.

  • Lucy Williamson, BBC News, Paris.

the World Bank has pledged $1 billion to India to help tackle the Corona virus pandemic there.

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Coronavirus: India is promised $1 billion to fight pandemic as deaths rise

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