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  • Now we're on 1.3 million Children in England will be able to claim vouchers for free school meals during the summer holidays following the campaign led by the Manchester United footballer Marcus Rushford.

  • Ministers had previously said that they would not agree to free school meal vouchers outside term time.

  • The prime minister, Boris Johnson, praised Mr Rash words contribution to the debate around poverty.

  • Scotland Wales will also continue with the voucher program, while Northern Ireland is considering an extension.

  • Our chief political correspondent, Vicki Young, has more details.

  • His latest opportunity.

  • He's used to taking on opponents on winning.

  • But this campaign has Bean, unlike any other for Marcus Rushford.

  • Rush with us have to work for that.

  • He's spoken about his own experience relying on free school meals, and he's raised millions of pounds to provide food for families in need.

  • I have so much food since unless to share, Dev and his brother said they want to concentrate on exams, not worry about their next meal.

  • Without free school meals, I would not even have access to the same healthy, nutritious food that I have.

  • I'd be eating such cheap, unhealthy food, the type of food that only Teetsi full for an hour.

  • It leave me feeling more hungry and wanting more unhealthy food.

  • It's really a safety net for families like mine.

  • After initially refusing, the government now says eligible Children in England will get a food voucher worth £15 a week over the summer holidays.

  • You've talked a lot about leveling up and tackling inequalities in Britain, but it's taken a campaign by a 22 year old footballer force you into action on free school meals.

  • Have you lost touch with those that you promised to help?

  • I talked to Marcus Rushford today into congratulated him on his campaign, in which t be honest.

  • I only became aware off very, very retorted today, and I thank import he's done.

  • I do think it's right that we should be looking after families of the of the vulnerable.

  • Most notable met the neediest right now.

  • That's why we've got the the Kobe Summer Food Plan, which we've announced today, and and I hope it will make a big difference to those kids and to those families.

  • I agree.

  • Faced with questions like that, politicians need to come up with answers.

  • Onda Twitter spat with a young, popular international footballer was unlikely to help.

  • When Marcus Rushford urged people this morning to think about families who couldn't have a hot shower, one Cabinet minister sounded unsympathetic, replying that water can't be disconnected.

  • But the tone soon changed, and so did the policy, a move welcomed by Labour.

  • It was obvious that there was a need for these pre school meals.

  • They should never put that in jeopardy.

  • We had to push him away.

  • A Marcus Radford played a really important part in that.

  • But I welcome the fact that a U turn that's the right thing to do on.

  • So now 1.3 million Children who need free school meals will get them conservative M P's wonder why the government resisted this move for so long.

  • They fear that this and other recent U turns make it look like the prime minister is being reluctantly pushed into things rather than taking a decisive lead.

  • Of course, in an unprecedented health and economic crisis, the pressure on ministers is enormous, but at times they seem to be making it harder for themselves.

  • Marcus Rushford says he's given a voice to vulnerable families, but there's more.

  • He wants to do the key.

  • Young BBC news.

  • Westminster.

  • Well, Marcus Rushford has told the BBC tonight that he'd being taken aback by the governments.

  • Change of policy on that he was proud of his part in changing young lives for the better.

  • He was speaking to my colleague Sally Nugent when you heard the news.

  • How surprised were you?

  • Yeah, I was obviously obviously shot them.

  • It's a big decision for someone to make em.

  • You know, I'm just grateful that that that that the prime minister did change his decision and, you know, we understood and and, you know, I spoke to him earlier on today and just want him for that.

  • And there was No, It was a nice conversation to ever been.

  • And just like we understood each other.

  • So you've spoken to the Prime Minister?

  • It was a nice conversation, as you said, You know how How did that chap Goh What does he phoned up and say Hi, Marcus, It's Boris.

  • No, he was just saying thank you for and, you know, using Using what?

  • Of what sort of built in a positive manner on.

  • And you know, it sort of just fucking each other over there because he didn't have to do what he don't never did.

  • Never did.

  • I saw, you know, he was just grateful that someone, but then basically just had an opinion and shared it with people.

  • And, you know, just been that voice for people that didn't really and have the platform to to speak out as much as they would like to.

  • Are you aware that the way Boris Johnson was informed about your campaign was he was actually played the interview that we did the other night?

  • Yeah, you mentioned on the phone.

  • And you just said that's what that's what sort of moved them, Really, because he probably understood it a little bit more like hearing it from someone having then, um, just reading now are having a bowel movement.

Now we're on 1.3 million Children in England will be able to claim vouchers for free school meals during the summer holidays following the campaign led by the Manchester United footballer Marcus Rushford.

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Marcus Rashford campaign wins children right to free school meals during summer holidays - BBC News

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