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  • This is a scenario that just a day ago, I don't think any Russian really would have predicted.

  • It has been a were a couple of days in Russian politics with a big shakeup.

  • That seems to be all about solving the biggest political issue here, which is what happens when Vladimir Putin's forced to step down from the presidency in 2024.

  • First, though, this country has a brand new prime minister, the country's chief taxman, who's now being thrust into the political spotlight for the first time.

  • Taking over from Dimitri Media Jeff, he got a massive vote of support from parliament.

  • 383 votes in favour, not a single one against on Mr Mcd.

  • Media, for the time being at least, has been sidelined.

  • But she did not.

  • We privately story.

  • She's giving those neighboring states, but its gentle national strongly was more honest but much senior pregnant.

  • Now they boil down to three key points.

  • The 1st 1 is a slightly weakened presidency, so in the future nobody will be able to rule for as long as Putin has.

  • Then there's a slightly strengthened parliament, and finally the State Council, a body that Mr Putin already heads.

  • We'll get its status beefed up of it.

  • Well, Mr Putin says, is about more democracy and better governance.

  • But many Russians think this is actually the start of his transition plan.

  • After two decades in power, he has interest.

  • He has allies.

  • He has a whole system to protect.

  • You can't just disappear.

  • For example, after the reforms, he could continue to influence things through the State Council once its powers have bean beefed up.

  • So what the Russians make of all this?

  • Well, some of them do believe it.

  • They hope things are going to change.

  • They do still support Mr Putin.

  • Others see new faces, but the same old ideas they talk about smoke and mirrors many Russians.

  • They see this as very much part of Mr Putin, trying to secure his own political future on creating some kind of new role for himself as a supreme leader here in Russia.

This is a scenario that just a day ago, I don't think any Russian really would have predicted.

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Putin's plans: What Russian president's surprise means - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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