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  • superheroes come from a diverse set of backgrounds.

  • But nearly every hero has one thing in common.

  • They need a costume.

  • These often caped crusaders might be super humans or aliens.

  • But what really makes them stand out is their crime fighting garb.

  • And some heroes have had quite a few different costumes.

  • Take, for instance, Batman.

  • I'm Jocelyn, the intern.

  • I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from the desk of Death battle.

  • Okay, Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • We all love Batman, but this guy has more costume changes than your average diva.

  • These things come in all shapes and sizes, So sit for a few minutes while I take you on a tour of the Caped Crusader's closet ranging from the good, the bad and the Nibali.

  • The original Batman costume had some odd choices, like the purple gloves in the early detective comics.

  • This was most likely due to the way coloring was handled back in the day.

  • But the infamous Purple Gloves have popped up in newer costumes as well.

  • The purple gloves aren't the Onley case of bats dabbling in brighter colors far from it.

  • On one occasion, Batman actually dawned an entire set of brightly colored bat suits just to distract the media from Robbins injured arm.

  • Apparently, Batman was worried that people would see Dick Grayson and Robin with hurt arms and connect the dots.

  • So did he give Robin a break?

  • No.

  • Bruce is always up for an elaborate plan.

  • Even one painted seven shades of stupid.

  • So he wore all these bright colored suits so that people would be like, Holy shit.

  • What is Batman wearing?

  • And completely ignore Robin, The climax of this colorful scheme was actually a rainbow bad suit fit for a pride parade.

  • They're not, though.

  • Even without a splash of color, Batman can still manage to look stupid.

  • Case in point.

  • Zebra.

  • Batman.

  • Yep.

  • That was a thing.

  • And it was not good.

  • I mean, just looking at it gives you a headache.

  • Let this be a lesson as to why you should never blend a bet with a zebra.

  • Speaking of colorless suits, Batman actually has worn on awesome white costume before.

  • If you didn't know, he's gotten his hands on some power rings on more than one occasion, and they all come with their own color appropriate bat suit.

  • However, none of them are as cool as his white power ring suit.

  • What does he do with power rings, you ask?

  • Well, mainly make bats.

  • Which isn't surprising.

  • It was either that or more teenage sidekicks.

  • Or maybe parents the enough about the comics.

  • For now, let's take a look at Batman's many movie masks.

  • Of course, you have the very old school Adam West style costume that looks like it was made by one of the staffers.

  • Dear old Mom, Flash forward a few decades, and we have the Tim Burton Batman, which all in all looks good but leaves something to be desired in the whole, being able to turn your head department kind of important.

  • But after Burton came Schumacher, who made arguably the most memorable opiate for less than desirable reasons.

  • That suit we're talking about nipple gate.

  • Schumacher, for reasons beyond comprehension, added prominent nipples to both the Batman Forever suit and the Batman and Robin suit.

  • As we all know, nipples are a risky choice when it comes to a superhero suit, and in this case it did not.

  • Hey, off seriously.

  • These suits would look totally fine without the nipples, but that one small detail ruins the entire thing and well, on that fashion faux pas, I'm afraid it's time I get back to researching the next super secret fight, but I'll leave you with a fun fact.

  • Bob came.

  • The creator of Batman said one of his inspirations was actually sketches of Leonardo da Vinci's or Nath Achter, a flying machine with giant bat like wings.

  • So in an odd turn of events, Divinci is who we have to thank for the iconic shape of Batman's cape look.

superheroes come from a diverse set of backgrounds.

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