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  • this episode of Desk of Death Battle is brought to you by crunchy roll enemies got everything from high school drama, giant guns, giant robots, hell, even ice skating in the new anima Yuri on ice.

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  • All right, so whether or not you frequent conventions or just finished up the Halloween season, I'm pretty sure you had a run in with some attention starved human in a deadpool costume.

  • And chances are they were probably a bit of a dick.

  • I'm afraid it's all too common that people think donning the mask Berks costume gives them some sort of license to break.

  • And sure, it makes sense to someone who doesn't know much about Deadpool.

  • But any Riel fan would know Deadpool is far more than a quirky asshole.

  • He's a pretty nice guy when he wants to be, and he's got a weak spot in his heart.

  • For one thing in particular, I'm just Lynn, the intern.

  • I do all the research nobody else wants to straight from the desk of death battle.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you already.

  • I know you love dead pool and think he's super cool because he just does whatever he wants.

  • Well, I'm not here to tell you that you're wrong.

  • I'm simply here to tell you that Deadpool is more than a simple, one dimensional goon.

  • He's often portrayed as to make my case.

  • We will start with example a Deadpool's evil clone in Deadpool.

  • Volume three issues 45 through 49 are anti hero, gets his own anti hero.

  • And by that I mean there is a clone of Deadpool who does the opposite of whatever deadpool would dio, which in this case is kidnapped a child.

  • An inherently evil act which ipso facto means Dead pool must be inherently good ish, of course, in an attempt to stop the evil dead pool from hurting any Children.

  • The original one ends up kidnapping a tight himself, but at least he's nice to the kid, onto example.

  • Be Deadpool hates pedophiles.

  • Simple as it sounds, really when hired by a young boy offering up his bar mitzvah money to kill his step Dad.

  • Deadpool takes personal pleasure in killing the sad sack after he makes some rather Jared Fogle ish comments about some underage girls.

  • Of course, Deadpool still takes the money, but you know, he enjoyed killing a bad person, and that's gotta count for something, right?

  • Speaking of kids, Deadpool doesn't kill them.

  • Yeah, now that might sound like I'm really stretching to find nice things to say about the guy, but I'm not.

  • During Deadpool's time, in the uncanny X force, he and his teammates were tasked with finding and stopping the next apocalypse.

  • And by that I mean the character apocalypse, not a biblical disaster.

  • Well, long story short, the exports is successful in finding the next apocalypse, but much to the team surprised the new apocalypse is just a kid.

  • Deadpool and friends aren't really keen on child murder.

  • Well, except for Fantom X, who just shoots the little bastard in the head.

  • Obviously, a lot of the team are pretty pissed off, but no one more than dead Cool.

  • Who I shit you not calls a meeting so they could talk about their feelings.

  • Yeah, needless to say, our mercenary friend took it pretty hard.

  • But it turns out the kid wasn't dead.

  • Well, sort of.

  • Fanta makes actually cloned child apocalyptic corpse and raised him in virtual reality as an experiment to see if apocalypse could be a good person if raised well, crazy, convoluted storyline where Deadpool acts as a mentor to young apocalypse, giving him sagely advice and, um, a stack of corn still not convinced.

  • Let me introduce you to example X Deadpool saves a cat.

  • Yeah, you heard me.

  • This medicine mercenary once rescued a poor little kidding from a tree.

  • That's like, Good guy.

  • Wanna one stuff right there?

  • And if it wasn't enough, he even musters up a fake now to put a smile on the young girl's face.

  • Now, I'm not saying Deadpool is a good guy or anything.

  • All I'm saying is he isn't the asshole some people think he is.

  • He has shown mercy to those in need.

  • He stood up for what he felt was right, even when no one agreed with him.

  • Sure, he could be a dick, but he can also be a hero, even when that requires being there for someone in need.

  • So whether you're the one in the deadpool costume or not, just remember the rial Deadpool would probably kill the shit out of anyone who would use his identity as an excuse to be an asshole.

this episode of Desk of Death Battle is brought to you by crunchy roll enemies got everything from high school drama, giant guns, giant robots, hell, even ice skating in the new anima Yuri on ice.

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Deadpool is Nicer Than You Think | Desk of DEATH BATTLE!

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