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  • our techs is inspiring.

  • Spectacular, indescribable.

  • I love seeing everyone who is so passionate about rooster teeth in the community that I grew up with, and you see them all in one place.

  • Artie Exes.

  • The the world of remnant is known for many things.

  • The vicious creatures called grim hunters and huntress is committed to fighting them.

  • And schnee family.

  • Yeah, they're kind of like royalty in their princess is waste me as the heiress to the family company, she grew up in a pretty cold home.

  • Fun intended Schnee family expected a lot from whites.

  • It was considered essential that she live up to their highly influential name.

  • You Bad for them.

  • She had her own bland, rejecting her father's wishes to remain at home twice left to attend Beacon Academy and trained to become Ah, Huntress, literally putting the W in Team Ruby.

  • Within just a year, Weiss established her own name for herself, saving the kingdom on more than one occasion and doing so with her trusty blade mere to master.

  • And that's McCue, Burke nasty.

  • Here's a multi action rapier with three foot long blades, but guess what?

  • It's also a gun instead of a plain old grass card.

  • It's got a six slot room over style chamber that white spills with bullets colored like the rainbow.

  • Well, they're not exactly bullets.

  • They are vials of dust, which you can fire to enhance your weapon and skills.

  • Ironically, the Schnee Dust Company is by far one of the largest producers and exporters of dust.

  • You know, one of my legs is a gun, but I always gonna thought that, uh, what if I turn the other one into a sword?

  • What?

  • Yeah, you know what?

  • I'm doing it.

  • Be right back with Wait.

  • Did he just say he's going to and back?

  • All right, cool.

  • Let's cut this sucker up.

  • Oh, my God.

  • No, no, not here.

  • All right.

  • Next week, we'll talk me through.

  • I think I'm gonna have to re attend.

our techs is inspiring.

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