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  • Terry Rozier has made it clear that he is not interested in returning to Boston if the personnel doesn't change, according the F Let who could he be talking?

  • But according to the athletic, the Bulls are interested in rosier.

  • However, he is a restricted free agent.

  • Before I ask Mr Chicago Bull Brian, give us a little reporting.

  • What's the buzz around Terry right now?

  • Okay, so the thing about it is, he's a restricted free agent, as you said, so he really doesn't have much of a say in this.

  • The Celtics have got toe wait to see if they make a trade with Anthony involving at the Davis.

  • And if Kyrie Irving stays so part of the issue of being restricted free agent is, you gotta wait on the runway and it's frustrating.

  • So the key for him, though, to get an offer sheet would be for him to be a priority free agent.

  • That teams are going to say, could have come out in July 1st and apply pressure to the Celtics if he has to wait for other players, which happens with restricted free agents, it could be a frustrating some of him, but that said.

  • What he's making clear with these statements is that he wants to be a starter and you want that.

  • I mean, he is pretty much taking, I think, if Torch Teoh, his Boston Celtics career, the last true.

  • But I don't know if you should do that, because they're gonna have his rights.

  • What do you think?

  • He fit in well with the Bulls.

  • I think he would be a great fit with the Bulls on.

  • You know, I think a player that's looking for starting opportunity.

  • I think Chris Duhon time is probably ran out for the Bulls.

  • Hey, hasn't shown any production or any progress in the years that he's been there, so I think the job is wide open and I think it's a great fit.

  • Their young team.

  • They got a lot of a lot of up and coming talent, and I think he will fit in well, point out, the Bulls have drafted Biggs and last two drafts.

  • They have the seventh pick.

  • There's a possibly they could draft their point guard of the futures.

  • We have to see how all this plays out before I mean there to look at the bottom of the east.

  • Those 678 seeds.

  • They're gonna be available again next season.

  • It's not like, Oh my God, the East is so crazy.

  • It's one through eight.

  • So tough to make anymore.

  • The Bulls should feel like their goal is to make that 738 seed, right?

  • Anything, there's almost say, unless it's a super high offer, I think the Celtics are likely to match it, because if anything is kind of like with Marcus Smart, they even if they don't see him on their team long term, they don't want to lose the asset, right?

  • They could use that.

  • I see.

  • But I do think this.

  • I think if Kyrie Irving does come back, I think Danny Ainge knows he cannot put the two of them in the locker room again because locker room chemistry was such an issue in their undoing this year he had.

  • Danny has to know that that is not gonna be a good good thing that they did have contract talks last fall where he could have extended his contract.

Terry Rozier has made it clear that he is not interested in returning to Boston if the personnel doesn't change, according the F Let who could he be talking?

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