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  • you know?

  • All right, guys and gals strap in because I'm about to tell you the story of soup barman at Earth's end, which is insanely stupid and equally awesome at the same time.

  • I'm just Lynn, the intern.

  • I do all the research nobody else wants to.

  • Straight from the Desko battle.

  • Okay, let me set the scene for you.

  • It's 1995.

  • Comics in general are in a strange place held Marvel and DC or having a huge crossover battle where the winners are decided by fan voting because I guess they were just too lazy to do the research themselves.

  • Anyway, During all this insanity, one comic was trying its best to be something different.

  • And while it may not be good, I'll certainly give it credit for being different.

  • So Superman at Earth's end is set in a world that a scene to apocalypses apart apocalypses?

  • No, not that guy like actual.

  • Oh my God.

  • This guy is following life as we know it is over scenarios is that isn't bad enough.

  • The world is inhabited by living robot people who are called bio mexx and a really, really old superman.

  • Now, before you chime in about how Superman shouldn't be aging like that.

  • Remember, this comic is far from Canon, so calm your titties.

  • So Superman is hanging out with Bio Mex who want to fix the world by getting rid of all the subhumans, which are pretty much just like grungy little monster people.

  • But Superman and his Santa Beard aren't very happy, because the bio makes want to blow up Gotham, which is now just a old dusty monument of civilization, according to soups.

  • So Superman politely disagrees by punching a hole in the leader of the bio mech stomach.

  • Us, Um, having won the argument soups decides to take an aerial stroll over Gotham and reminisce where he's attacked by that monsters whose faces look suspiciously similar to the Caped Crusader.

  • Things weren't looking too good for Grandpa can't until he was saved by a vertically challenged biker gang brandishing machine guns more awesome.

  • OK, ok, so I only have so much time and we need to get to the best part.

  • So I'm just gonna break it down real fast.

  • Ready?

  • Okay.

  • The bikers take Superman toe Wayne Manor.

  • Superman is like crazy someone still Batman's Bones realizes a group called the D N.

  • A dictator's is behind the theft, and then he fights and enslaving robot race in the bat cave.

  • Then he faints, wakes up, explains that he's weak because of a lack of sunlight.

  • And then the kids given this.

  • Yeah, I shit you not That's a gun anyway.

  • Back at it, Superman is like Wall.

  • Fuck that gun.

  • I'm Superman Now Let's go beat up the dictators Well, turns out the dictators that are using Bruce Wayne's DNA are not one but two clones of Adolf Mother Effing Hitler.

  • Yeah, Superman and the bikers retreat back to the bat Cave Superman is, like so about that gun and delivers one of the best lines ever.

  • It's time for a Superman toe finished World War two.

  • So then he flies back to fight the double Hitler's who sent a genetically mutated clone of that man After him and spoilers.

  • Superman wins dunk.

  • Then Superman fills those Nazi bastards with like an ocean of lead.

  • In the end, Superman grabs Bruce Wayne's cadaver, takes it home and then says goodbye to the world and cremate Sit along with himself up.

  • The man of steel pretty much says, I'm getting too old for this shit and then kills himself.

  • And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Superman at Earth's end.

  • Well, people, that's a wrap.

  • Season two is over time to finally take that vacation.

  • I've been planning, but never had the time.

  • Um, about that.

  • No.

  • What?

  • Wait, What do you mean, no?

  • We changed our minds, and we're gonna need you to do, like, a bunch more episode.

  • So you're just gonna have to stay here, But all right, guys, keep liking and subscribing, and maybe I'll get to go on that vacation one day.

you know?

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Superman Cremated Himself and Batman?? | Desk of DEATH Battle

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