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  • This is a make or miss league.

  • It's a make or Miss Lee make miss some major mislead.

  • It's a make or Miss league Miss continuity.

  • Dwayne Wade tweeted.

  • All I know is that my Jersey swap collection is looking kind of bootleg, since free agency started in 20 years.

  • No one believing those players played in those uniforms.

  • Dave was the jersey swap a curse until Donovan Mitchell isn't playing for the Jazz or give orders and playing for the Hawks.

  • I think we're okay is it just speaks to how crazy this summer has been the league.

  • Why is anybody gonna invest in any Jersey anymore?

  • Unless you want to start up a collection to go to like some music festival and show off like where you guys used to be, not read show anymore.

  • May applause.

  • Another summer league.

  • Blair did the granny style free throw Bring it back.

  • Taco Fall was a huge fan and clap form Nick should taco atop the granny style in the greatest thing ever.

  • Vote a taco can do whatever the heck you want.

  • He's the man.

  • He's the star Summer league.

  • Whatever he does, everybody flips out on anyway.

  • So He's doing everything right.

  • Whatever he's comfortable with, go for it.

  • Respect.

  • Own a walk for pulling out the way.

  • The Rick Barry.

  • That's right, Seymour.

  • I got good at that when I played horse.

  • Not really in the game.

  • Control Grayson Allen during Grace, and Alan Biggs, who picked up two great Blake and fouls in an eight second span and got ejected from a summer league game.

  • Dave, what's his deal?

  • Not only this is disappointing in terms of he's gonna lose respect from opponents, but you want to be his teammate like you're gonna get, uh, sideways glances all the time.

  • Really, you know, do that for you.

  • Play, pick up if you play pickup hoops.

  • No one wants to be on the court with a guy who handles himself that way.

  • He's a jerk.

  • He's been a jerk.

  • We've seen this way too many times before.

  • Duke always tried to back him up.

  • This is who he is on the best kind of on brand bucket.

  • Carson Edwards has been getting buckets in Vegas yet another double digit game last night, including some impressive threes days, Excited to see how it pans out good body control leadership in college, and he seems like a smart player.

  • You put smart players around.

  • Other smart players, it seemed, tends to lead to a lot of success, so I think he's looking pretty good so far.

  • I was staying the next to a scout at the smooth fit in Vegas, and he looks over here goes.

  • That guy never misses leg day.

  • He's got linebacker legs.

  • He wears the shorts to show him off.

  • So Carson Edwards, he's he's doing his thing out there.

  • All he is a short you could do a lot of things with you.

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This is a make or miss league.

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Grayson Allen picked up 2 flagrants in 8 seconds, got ejected from summer league game | The Jump

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