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  • Wiz: The village of the Hidden Leaf, also known as Konoha was a docile town.

  • Except for one hyperactive troublemaking brat...

  • Naruto Uzumaki.

  • Wiz (Imitating Boomstick): That's right Wiz and he looks like a clown.

  • That makes me wanna down my beer twice as fast.

  • (clears throat)

  • Um...

  • Yeah so...

  • Boomstick's not here today.

  • I won't... I won't do that again.

  • Anyway despite its peaceful appareance this was actually a village of ninjas.

  • Orphaned at a young age; Naruto's life goal was to one day become the leader of these ninja.

  • A prestigious role called the Hokage.

  • Naturally the only way Naruto could reach such heights was to excel as a Hidden Leaf ninja.

  • And to do that he attended a ninja school.

  • So he's kind of like ninja Harry Potter.

  • Unfortunately Naruto wasn't all that bright.

  • But he's still learned quite a bit.

  • Like how to use his Chakra.

  • Chakra is a type of energy every living being possesses.

  • The more physical and spiritual energy want to has, the more Chakra they'll have at their disposal.

  • Well Naruto wasn't the brightest bulb in his class he does possess a great deal of powerful Chakra.

  • In fact he seems to possess far more than a kid at his age ever should.

  • And that's because of the beast within.

  • Literally.

  • Going back to few years on the day of Naruto's birth the village was attacked by a Chakra Beast known as the Nine-Tailed Fox.

  • Desperate to save the village from such a devastating monster.

  • The Hokage at the time he used his Chakra to seal the fox spirit within Naruto.

  • Trapping it for the forseeable future.

  • This Tailed Beast named Kurama eventually befriended Naruto and shared his power.

  • Turning the ninja boy into a powerhouse.

  • That actually reminds me I left my latest experiment cooking.

  • I should go check on him.

  • Come back next week as we cover Naruto's opponent, Ichigo from Bleach.

  • Boomstick should be ready by then too.

  • I... I mean I think so long as he comfortable with his new stomach animal.

Wiz: The village of the Hidden Leaf, also known as Konoha was a docile town.

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Naruto Runs Into DEATH BATTLE!

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