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  • this episode is brought to you by disorder.

  • The new experience from swagger by games in us here its crew attack south by Southwest gamers Voice nominee and winner of the Indy Bits 2014 Pretty Bite Award available now on steam.

  • Robocop the lean, mean law enforcing machine, once a humble police officer, now are rampaging cyborg with a justice Boehner strong enough to crush diamonds.

  • If you've heard of Robocop, you know he's a serious bad ass you wouldn't want to run into while littering or just breaking the law in general.

  • But did you also know he's the king of all prophecies?

  • I'm Jocelyn, the intern.

  • I do all the research.

  • Nobody else wants to go straight from the desk of death battle.

  • In 1987 a movie called Robocop came out and it was awesome.

  • Not only did it have a fairly accurate view of future Detroit and also featured some of the best cyborg ass kicking to date, but to add to the madness 23 years after the original premiere, director Palmer Hoban declared Robocop was actually Jesus.

  • And not just any kind of Jesus.

  • Sad, bored American Jesus.

  • Now you're probably saying with Jocelyn, how the hell is the Tin Man with a gun?

  • Jesus.

  • Well, pipe down a silicon, I'll figure out for you.

  • Just how Jesus see Robocop is it all started with Sergeant Murphy, a pre op Robocop.

  • Murphy was an honorable man with a strong desire to help those in need, but his heroics got himself gunned down by a bunch of crooks.

  • You're being a good guy.

  • Is Christ, like in all.

  • But it certainly doesn't make you Jesus.

  • Except Murphy is killed in a crucifixion pose.

  • Coincidence?

  • Of course not.

  • Vote occur.

  • Even drove metal through his hand.

  • Okay, It's not exactly a nail, but you know what I mean.

  • Then pour.

  • Murphy gets torn to shreds by a maelstrom of shotgun shells.

  • Kind of like the whipping of Christ, but with 12 gauges.

  • Hey, wait.

  • How come not a single one of those windows behind him are breaking either these thug's air firing nerve rounds or they're a group of traveling shotgun wizards moving on.

  • The bad guys finish Murphy off with a final blow to his crown.

  • So hey, plenty of guys could shown the head right.

  • It doesn't automatically make them Jesus dying like a little bitch Certainly doesn't make you a savior of mankind.

  • But then Murphy gets himself resurrected.

  • I mean, that's like Jesus, What a one you know, straight from the book.

  • Sure, he isn't in a cave still behind a boulder.

  • But this is Detroit in the future.

  • In a closed off lab.

  • Close enough, right?

  • Robocops death and revival makes him a Christ like figure in a literature regard.

  • But the real question here is whether or not he is the American Jesus.

  • Well, he immediately starts to clear Detroit of sin rather than baptize people with water like the Ogi Jesus.

  • Our new American version gets the job done with bullets, which is, like, 110% American.

  • How we do it.

  • The original Jesus performed amazing miracles.

  • And so did Robocop.

  • There just a bit more.

  • Um, not nice.

  • Jesus cured a man's leprosy.

  • Robocop gave a thug radioactive induced leprosy.

  • Jesus removed, demands Linus.

  • Robocop removed demands Dick Jesus died on the cross.

  • To save us from the fires of Armageddon, Robocop ripped open a metal cage to save sting from the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

  • And rather than upholding the law and arresting Boddicker.

  • Robocop decides to just kill him right then and there.

  • This bird doesn't really seem all that Jesus See to me until he goes and walks on water.

  • Are you seeing this?

  • He is the Mecca Messiah.

  • The true American Jesus.

  • I mean, sure, he kills a lot more than the original did.

  • But, hey, this is the American Jesus after all.

  • Would you expect anything less than pure bad ass from the country that brought you the automobile, then made monster trucks just so we could crush automobiles and do something other than church?

  • On Sundays, when Robocop walks across the water and says he's basically saying, Hey, I'm going to kill the shit out of you.

  • Did you think you were gonna learn such interesting things about Robocop today?

  • She probably not.

  • So make sure to like this episode and share with your other Robocop and Jesus loving friends.

  • We cover so many members of society here it screw attack.

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  • Chad fills you in on the history of certain comic book characters.

  • It's super fun, and I think you'd enjoy it as always.

  • Thanks for your support, guys.

this episode is brought to you by disorder.

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RoboCop is actually JESUS?? | The Desk of DEATH BATTLE

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