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  • would you take away from your first India game?

  • And other results weren't what you wanted.

  • That where there's composite that you can take away from what you guys.

  • I'm not focus on the positive for me.

  • Just a negative.

  • I feel like I could have been better in a lot of places and help my team out with turning up the pace.

  • And I'm just getting us back and keep us going.

  • They capitalize on a lot of our mistakes tonight, and I'm late to win that word.

  • What are your personal goals on your team?

  • To be the best Jacques and me job is making so one of you go back.

  • I'm looking forward to tomorrow practice.

  • That's what we can get better, right?

  • Study film, go out there and fix our mistakes.

  • And then Friday correct them in the game.

  • John, Like, be tooling.

  • Did you get rid?

  • Next?

  • We took the family about build.

  • Alright.

  • What supports something you have around?

  • Um, if we had to been outside this door, you would have seen about 30 people out there right now, so I just got auto cussed out some stuff I could get a night, but I'll take it in as good.

  • And no, they just trying to help me out.

  • Just let me know what I need to correct and be better at.

  • And now that I can focus on it and go out and do it next time I get on the court, You said you had 30 people out without our family, family, cousins, grandparents, family, go down.

  • The Linus, like 30 people have Teoh.

  • Yes, a lot of places.

  • Some private jets know that.

  • They handled all that and got here.

  • Just supported me and my teammates.

  • So, um, I'm thankful for them and I'll see him a lot more.

  • Yeah, we have, you know, So you somebody when you're Matus said he played and he's still living and I am unsure support for me and that team is I mean, is honor for everybody.

  • Absolutely.

  • And you saw him over summer right there.

  • It was good.

  • I mean, he played my dad.

  • So it's like film.

  • Actually.

  • Stay with my dad.

  • A couple I was when I was younger.

  • So maybe just honored to have somebody like that in your corner and just give you knowledge and when you know you're here.

  • Um, I Did you find out today?

  • Yeah.

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would you take away from your first India game?

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Ja Morant on NBA debut: I'm focused on the negative, I could've been better | NBA on ESPN

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